SwingLifestyle Review 2020

Find your fellow swinger and enjoy “alternative lifestyle dating” exclusively on SwingLifestyle. This dating app is one of the prominent online dating websites that provides dating and relationship services to the world’s swinger community. It is a niche dating website that deals with alternative lifestyle dating. Swingers lifestyle is emerging as a new global trend among youngsters and young couples. Once seen as taboo, the swinger lifestyle is becoming popular day by day, mainly in the metropolitan cities. There is a stigma around sex and hookups. So, this niche website is specially designed for swingers who want to explore their sexual life. This website attracts many swingers across the world for bold relationships. No matter whether you are single or in a relationship, SwingLifestyle adds spice to your boring life. The website also helps you to take part in activities like , partner swapping, the lights, and orgies. Besides making arrangements for hookups, this website helps us to become a member of the swinger community. This article is intended to clear all your doubts regarding SwingLifestyle.

Reputation and history of SwingLifestyle

The SwingLifestyle Website was launched with the bold tagline “Start Your Sexual Revolution,” in 2001. The website is particularly curated for swingers, and since its beginning, it has become quite popular as a niche dating website with 16 million users worldwide. Most visitors for this belong to first world countries i.e., the USA, UK, Australia, and Germany. The site has 5 million visitors regularly from all over the globe. It is also popular among people from Asia, Latin America, and the European countries. Besides detailed and impressive users’ profiles, the members of this website are proactive in building connections with fellow members. he members of SwingLifestyle are dedicated, with at least 5000 active swingers at any time on any date, more than 300 chat rooms, and around 7,000 new members joining every week. The extremely active members of

SwingLifestyle perfectly knows about their wants and demands, and they interact with other like-minded members without any prohibition.

The website is popular with the younger male members, because of its direct and straightforward approach for sexual encounters. The platform is frequented by users aged between 18 to 25. Many couples also enjoy the swingers activities and belong to active members of this community.

Website and App Interface, Registration

The website of SwingLifestyle has a user-friendly and straightforward layout that helps users to discover the features quickly. The uncomplicated design also makes the process of navigation more convenient for users. Most of the primary features for the site are well organized on the left side of the page. It makes it smooth to browse through the website even if you are not a tech-savvy person. The app is also user friendly and very similar to the in case of features.

You can sign up as a free member on SwingLifestyle, and signing up is quite easy. If you are at least 18+ years old and want to have some exciting sexual activities in his or her life, then it will take a couple of minutes to register on this site.

For completing the signup process, you need to create a unique username, an active email address, and a few basic data of yourself and your demands from the website.

You can also register on the mirror website of the platform at sls.com. Just press select Join Free option, and you will be redirected to SwingLifestyle.

As soon as you finish the signing up process at SwingLifestyle, you can start searching for exciting members, couples, or activities. Though it is not a requirement, you should upload your photo to let people know how you look.

There is an option available to premium members that allows them to hide their profiles from the free members. It’s a very effective option that allows you to decide anytime that you only get in touch with serious users on the platform. However, the premium members on the platform can still visit the user profiles of other members. If a premium member likes a free user’s profile, they can start the conversation. For free users, the naked profile images are made hazy, which is quite a smart trick, because it helps to protect the website and genuine swingers from ‘unwanted’ users and scams.

The emails received from all the users cannot be verified when it comes to checking scams, but the SwingLifestyle team will examine the profile pictures. It is effortless for a user to pick out fake users because the majority of swingers are serious. The “Account View” tab permits the members to identify suspicious accounts. So, you can get a fair idea that the paid accounts are verified and real.

The website of SwingLifestyle on your desktop is pretty clean and organized, where you can navigate the features easily. The site is uncluttered and extremely user-friendly. Though the menus, options, and interface of the website are not that updated, it doesn’t obstruct your swinging experience.

The app is also similar to the website, and it is available for both Android and iPhone users. The apps can be installed on your phone for free. You can also open the site on your phone.

SwingLifestyle does not only have ways for swingers to connect on the websites, but it also invites its users to personally meet with each other in the grand activities & events they organize.

Partner Search

After successful registration on the site, you can search for your ideal swinger based on personality traits, age location. Premium membership helps you to search for your partner excellently. Finding swingers in your nearby area can increase the chances of potential hookups.

You do not require any e-money for assigning a swing lifestyle. You can sign up for free with the help of a unique username and an active email address. After the sign up is completed, you have to put details about yourself. You should mention the criteria for your ideal match. After that, you can see other users’ profiles and receive messages. If you are a free member, then your pictures will be restricted. Being a free member, you will not be capable of responding to the messages or seeing nude photos. Upgrading to premium membership will help you to use the website to its full potential. You can also participate in forum discussions and become a member of an active swingers’ community.

If you are a member, your search options are limited; advance membership can help you to upgrade your search options. You can search according to your age group. It will help you to get partners similar to your age.

GPS technology can help you to get swingers in your vicinity. You may perform the search based on your interests and criteria of an ideal swinger.

You can get the new pop up updates as a free user who is surfing the web. Like most other chatting systems on dating websites, the latest message is only readable. You cannot open the chatbox or even press the response button because premium members can only use the Instant messaging feature.

It is extremely restricted because other swingers may get the wrong idea and believe you are just avoiding them. On the contrary, if you initiate and respond to messages, you are seen as a credible member, because people will come to know that you are a person who pays for this feature.

SwingLifestyle Alternatives

The best alternative websites of SwingLifestyle are Toplesstravel.com, Swingerslifestyle.com, Swingers.org, and Internationalswingersday.com, to name a few. As the swinger culture is gaining popularity, the number of swinging websites is gradually increasing.

Membership Price and Payment Methods

The basic account for the SwingLifestyle is free, but you can choose the premium account as well. A subscription for one month costs $14.95, $9.66 a month for a three-month subscription, and $5.75 a month for a 12-month subscription. Lifetime membership selection is now available if you pay a one-time fee of $149. The membership price is quite fair at SwingLifestyle compared to its alternatives, and the features are worth your money. The price is considerably low if you opt for a lifetime or long term membership plan.

You can make the transactions through money orders or cheques, but you have to make them payable to Dashboardhosting LLC and not SwingLifestyle.

Like with many popular swinger dating websites, SwingLifestyle.com can also be used as a free user. If you choose to sign up as a free member, you will access the basic features of the site. Free users would have only restricted access to specific applications, though. They are only allowed to send up to 5 mails and view up to 50 profiles per day. Access to nude pictures is also restricted if you have only a free membership. If you are a free member, the features of the forum are also limited. Although the forums and group pages are still accessible, these pages will only allow you to go through the posts. The chat features are limited, too. If you want to access the features to its full potential, then you may want to upgrade to premium membership.

When you have the money to spare, perhaps upgrading your subscription to premium will be a smart idea. Paid members can do a whole host of other things. They will also get unlimited access to the features mentioned above. When you think it won’t be enough for you to send up to 5 emails a day, you can choose to get a paid membership and send as many emails as you want daily. Exposure to nudity will also be unlimited for paid members. If you are a Premium Member, you can participate in discussions and even make your threads on the forum pages of the site. You can say that paid members can take the full benefit from every feature that SwingerLifestyle offers. So, a serious swinger must opt for the premium membership.

How much does it cost dating on SwingLifestyle?

Though you sign up at SwingLifestyle, the website’s real fun can only be experienced through a paid membership. The membership price just starts from $14.95 a month. So, don’t be a fool.

Is SwingLifestyle safe?

SwingLifestyle applies all the advanced technologies that help to keep your profiles safe. Their privacy policy is designed to maintain the dignity of your profile.

SwingLifestyle takes the help of advanced encryption methods to keep all personal and financial details of its members safe and secure. The exchange of emails takes place through an internal system so that you are not going to worry about intercepting them. There is a very detailed privacy policy that you can take your time to read on the site. The website does not provide its user information to third parties unless it is a legal issue.

You can contact the customer support team of SwingerLifestyle through email. You can also ask questions in the forum to clear your doubts.

Popular user questions

After you complete the signup process, you will be allowed to upload your profile photo. Once your profile photo is uploaded, the staff of SwingLifestyle will verify your profile picture.

Find “Tools” on the left side of the menu, then go to Delete your Profile option and then follow the given instructions. Fortunately, SwingLifestyle will ask you to terminate the premium membership plan you have subscribed to before you proceed to uninstall your account entirely.

As a free member of SwingLifestyle, you can receive and read the messages from people who like you. It is only with paid membership that you will be able to reply to them.

Go to the user’s profile, and on the list of icons below the ‘Notes’ option, you will find the “Block” option in the fifth position.

If you go to the ‘Tools’ menu on the website of SwingLifestyle, you will come across the option of canceling your current subscription. By choosing the option, you can cancel your subscription anytime.


SwingLifestyle is one of the top dating websites for swingers of present times. This dating site will not make a fool of you if you are hunting for the best swingers. SwingLifestyle.com can offer you an extremely proactive online dating platform that is mainly dedicated to swinger lifestyles. It does not matter whether you are a single person or a couple; signing up with this site can help you fulfill your fantasies about sexual relationships and love. SwingLifestyle offers you a similar kind of experience as adult dating sites. Advanced features like instant messaging, mailboxes, and forums will help you to find the perfect singer for you within a short period. If you are still not convinced by this, then you can go to the website and get a free membership to see the incredible features. It will surely make you too upgrade your membership to a premium level and enjoy life as a singer. So, if you are into swinging, don’t waste your time and signup on SwingLifestyle today.

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