Single Parent Dating

Some Information About Single Parent Dating Sites

Single parent dating sites are a ray of light for single parents who have lost hope to find love. The ratio of divorce among couples is increasing every year.

Single parents have their hands full of kids, custody cases, and divorce. Dating becomes an afterthought for many single moms and dads. Sitting alone in a chair and holding all the burden sometimes make single parents think of someone who can share their lives—someone who can understand that your priority is your kids and their well-being. Imagine going to a bar and getting in a conversation with a handsome guy and telling them you have to be home by ten because the babysitter can’t stay later than that. What will happen next either that person is going to run or understand.

80% of bachelors stay away from single moms or dads. The best option for single parents is to join the single parent dating site where all the members seek a partner. Let’s look at all the details of the single parent dating sites and how the dating dynamic of these sites work.

What Are Single Parent Dating Sites?

The dating scene is more challenging for single parents as they have to think about their kids. Most single parents look for committed relationships to spare their kid’s heartbreak. Kids get attached soon if they like someone, and once that person has to go, they are more emotionally distressed than the adults. It’s best to find someone that will know your situation and understand your issues.

The best place to find a dating partner for single parents is single parent dating sites. These dating sites are specifically designed for single parents seeking dating partners. The site members are mostly single parents, and if not, they know what they are getting into on these sites. If you are a single parent, here are some dating strategies to follow for finding the best partner:

How to Do Single Parent Dating?

Single parents desire to fill the emotional void of their life with a loving partner. How can you make a smooth transition into the dating world without affecting your kid’s lives? Here are some exciting tips for single parents to find the better half.

Take Some Time To Prepare For Yourself

You are out of the dating setting for quite some time. It’s time to prepare yourself for the dating world. The benefit of the online dating world is you won’t have to meet someone instantly. You will have time to update your wardrobe. You have to work on your self-confidence and ensure that you are a person first, then a mom or dad. Take some beautiful pictures of yourself to boost your self-esteem and upload them on online dating sites.

Join Single Parent Dating Sites For The Best Match

Single parent dating sites are the best dating platform where single parents can find potential matches. Join the best single parent dating site that suits your preference and interact with matches to find the right one.

Don’t rush

Dating as a single parent means you have your kids to think about. Take things slow; do not rush to meet someone without validating their intentions. Start with online communication channels than to a coffee or lunch and towards the more serious stages.

The Big Talk With The Kids

Do not let your kids discuss your dating life and let them know you see someone or want to see other people. Take their input to understand what they are thinking about. You will be astounded at what your kids will have to say.

Which People Can You Find On Single Parent Dating Sites?

Single parent dating sites are mostly joined by single moms and dads seeking dating or life partners. The dating sites target people who are either parents themselves or interested in seeking single parents.

It’s easy for the members to find similar-minded people who understand each other’s issues and situations. The communication channels make things convenient and interesting for the members. Most of the members on the site are looking for a committed relationship. However, some are interested in a hookup or casual dating fun.

Niche dating sites have gained popularity because of their targeted audience. Members can find matches in the narrow down search results of a special category. It’s easy to find a match on the site with similar interests and desires.

Single parents find it challenging to find a dating partner in the real world as most of the potential date is not into single parents dating. Online dating sites have made users’ lives easy, especially single parents who can find it challenging to seek dates in the real world.

You can join the single parent dating sites and start searching your matches through the search filters. It’sIt’s easy to find matches according to your preferences; this kind of choice is not available in real dating.

The communication channels are safe for single parents to judge their partner’s character and personality before introducing them to the kids. Moreover, it’s best to interact with your date virtually for safety purposes.

According to a survey, 44% of single mothers and fathers are seeking partners online. Around 28% of the single mothers and fathers are seeking casual relationships while the rest are finding life partners.

About 65% of single parents agree that their kid’s disapproval of a partner is a deal-breaker for them. 54% of single parents join single-parent dating sites because they don’t want to disturb their kids’ routines. 57% of the single parent seek committed relationships or dating partners while only 1% seek financial supports from their dating partners.

The overall statistics of single parent dating sites show that the members are mostly seeking a serious relationship.

Single parent dating sites are a blessing for single parents who won’t find a dating partner because of their parental status. Most people think single parents don’t have time for romance. Some benefits of joining single parents sites are:

Where to Find Single Parent Dating Sites?

The single parent population has increased in the past years. Many single parents seek online dating sites where they can find dating partners who understand their family situation. The dating world has become a considerable pool entailing almost all categories one can think of. Single parent dating sites have become a part of the niche dating world, and many companies have introduced dating sites specifically for single parents.

The first in the free single parent dating site is SingleParentMatch, which matches single parents with the best potential matches. It’sIt’s one of the best dating sites where single mothers and fathers can find a perfect match. The site is effectively working for many years and increasing in members every day. SingleParentLove is another single parent dating app that is socially designed to connect single parents. It offers a three-month free trial, which is best among the free single parent dating sites. It’s owned by Cupid Media company and is working phenomenally throughout the years.

SingleParentMeet is another single-parent dating site that provides a platform for single parents to connect. With 50,000 members, the site offers high chances of meeting new people. The site register members for free and also offer some superb free features. Some of the streamlined dating sites like Match, eHarmony, EliteSingles, and OkCupid have huge dating pools. These streamlined dating sites also comprise many single parents who can connect through search filters. The extensive questionnaires and detailed profile format of these dating sites let members find the best single parent matches.

How to Choose the Best Single Parent Dating Sites?

Single parent dating sites have increased in number in the last few years. It becomes overwhelming when deciding to choose the best single parent dating app or site. Here are some tips to guide you in selecting the best single parent dating site:

What’s the Best Single Parent Dating Sites Or Apps?

One of the best single parent dating sites is SingleParentMeet. The site is considered the best because of the exceptional features and a safe environment. The target audience on the site understands the mindset of each user.

The welcoming atmosphere of the site attracts single parents from all walks of life. No one considers single parents with baggage because almost all members are going through the same situation.

The search filters and communication channels are outstanding in finding a perfect match and building strong connections. The sites’ forum is a great source for discussing the problem and sharing good and bad experiences with members. The site also offers informational blogs to help members with different issues.

Single parents hardly get time to have a wild time, but some are not yet ready to commit and like to have some fun. The best hookup dating site for everyone is Tinder.


Tinder is a great single parent dating app to find hookups. The vast members base of the app lets single parents find any dating partner. If you want to find somebody for a one-night stand anywhere, Tinder is your best choice. You can explore from the thousands of profiles and swipe them to show interest or reject. As a single parent, you are allowed to have some fun. You can communicate with the match through different communication channels of the single parent dating app. You will be surprised to see how many members are ready to have a fling with a single parent.


CoffeeMeetsBagel is another hookup dating site where single parents can find a casual relationship. The dating site presents members with matches every day. The ice-breakers by the site for messages make communication easy for most of the members. The extensive profile format of the site provides the best potential matches. The site has some outstanding features which help members in finding their soulmates. The site will encourage you to send a message to the match. The amazing features of the app let members enjoy their time in the dating app. The testimonies and success stories of many members show the adequate performance of the dating site.

Do Single Parent Dating Sites Actually Work?

Single parent dating sites have around millions of members altogether. Many single parents have found their matches on the sites. The testimonies and success stories of the single parent dating sites are evidenced enough for the outstanding performance of dating platforms. It’s easy to find like-minded users who can understand the dilemmas of single parents.

Single parent dating sites have most of the profiles real. The security system if the dating sites validate each orifice before registering. Facebook signup and email verification are some common authentication processes to give members a safe dating experience.

What About Security on Single Parent Dating Sites?

Security is the primary concern of many online dating platform users. As single parents, security becomes a high priority concern because they have their kids to think about. If they were chatting with a scammer and decided to meet, things could take a drastic turn. Every single parent dating site provides robust security procedures. The encrypted message system ensures members that their identity will never be revealed to any third party.

Members have access to block any members with a single click from future interaction. The extensive FAQ section of the single parent dating site answered almost the queries of the users. Members can have a 24/7 permit to the customer support service of the site.


Raising a child is itself a demanding task and financial responsibility for a single parent. Mixing dating with the already messy situation becomes stressful for single parents. Most single parents do not have time to find a date in the outside world. Single parent dating sites are perfect for such parents where they can find matches from their own homes. You can talk, chat, and video call from the comfort of your home. You can take things according to your pace and meet face to face when the time seems right to you. The communication channels let members judge the character and comparability with their date before introducing them to your family. If you want to meet your soulmate, it’s the right time to join single parent dating sites to find the match of your choice.