Spotted Review – What Do We Know About It?

What is Spotted? It is a dating app with a German background. The foremost markets of interest today are German-speaking countries. But the service does not stop with them and seeks to succeed in new skylines. Active and successful, the expansion is moving in French-speaking lands. Since the time of its rapid start in 2013, 7 years have passed on fire. The dating application stays the lead and daily rise with the new users’ bulk. It is a titan with active million users. Every day, Spotted hugs over 3,000 people who are open to meet, talk, and build relations. If we consider the service on a par with related products, then it is at the fore. The algorithm for connecting singles is not how the person appears. It is about the principle of crossing paths. The product concept arose in university space-time and was materialized in a prosperous startup later.

How Does Spotted Work?

The working principle of the app goes beyond the old-school approaches to the match. While the majority focuses on the outer reflection of a partner, Spotted centers on space. You need to install this application and register for initiating matches. Once you are done with the profile, you are ready to get your first matches. The app will show your random connections relating to positioning data. Singles can look through the people whom they met and start messaging with them. It is really a blue ocean that virgin from sailors and ships! The concept of connecting people through random paths is amazing and intriguing! The app benefits not only as a platform for discovering love but also as a spot where you can catch an eye. Starting talk about anything, going for a cup of coffee with the stranger you have just met or crazy shopping, that’s what Spotted can do.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

The registration is straightforward. There is no need to verify the email address. The most mattering logging tool is your Facebook app. You need to find a service on the Google Play or Apple App Store platforms, to get started. By the way, it is free to download and can be installed on iOS and Android gadgets. Connect your Facebook account to join Spotted. Smart technology will arrange everything instead of you and will import the necessary info in the app. What information is shared, you may ask? These are your name, gender, birth date, and profile photo. Not everyone with like this but you must agree that it is very helpful! The enrollment process is free, and you can use it at any time. Now you have an account in the coolest app for connection and interaction.

What About Design and Usability?

The app is developed with love and respect for people who will ever see or try it. Everything in this service is accurate and thoroughly considered. That is a mixture of colors and their impact on everything a person feels with emotions. That is balance in the structure. Spotted is an app in a minimal style that is so popular among Millennials. The concept of simplicity is justifying. The screen of your phone will not be afflicted with extra buttons and blocks. You will use the lowest setting for navigation. Each button has a specific size and is placed neatly. The Spotted app is easy to run everywhere. If your cellphone has no much memory space and every MB is critical, then there is great news for you! This app is a mega lightweight if compared to competitors. Its virtual mass is only 6.5 MB, so the memory space of your phone is protected.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

When you completed the registration, consider your profile view. It is crucial not to drop the moment and think over the design. Facebook app has already shared your basic info when logging. The application now knows your birthday date, gender, name, and has profile photo. Now it’s your turn to systematize it properly. Each member can add and post six photos in the profile. You can get them from your Facebook page or use the phone’s gallery. Pick a photo showing you from multiple points. Do not download several of the same types. Let the potentials see you in diverse spots and moods. Feel free in your pick. Give a story or a quick description of yourself in the About Me section. If you have appearance specialties, be sure to notify them. Spotted focuses on the details and displays a match by interpreting them. Speak about your merits and peculiarities – hair color, height, hairstyle, and cool tattoo. Each aspect is mattering. When someone seeks a cute with a dragon tattoo on her left hand for, he will find her in a few clicks.

The Mobile Application

This online dating app can easily show off with the number of fans it attracts. Statistics point out that service is widespread and popular among youths and young adults. The age wedge extends from 18 to 40 years. And this is not an unexpected fact! It is a very time to date and to meet someone. Life speeds forward, and it is vital to keep up with it. The Spotted mobile dating app helps you find people you may cross with every day. You need a phone, some memory space in it, web access, and a desire to change your life. This cool app has many benefits for the users. It offers a working matching algorithm and a special way of connecting people. Such special features as good design, little memory space to install, and user-friendly usability will absolutely raise it to the top of your to-do list.

Safety & Security

Using this app to find people near your location, you can be sure it is safe to use. The incidence of fake profiles is very short. The method of registration using your Facebook profile is very good. It gives hope and belief that a person, not a bot, is moving the logging steps. At importing the user’s key milestones, the app analyzes the received specifications. If the profile does not pass the security check, then it can be stopped and banned. Each user can also contribute to security measures. If you meet a profile and you think that it is fake, contact the support team. When getting such a reaction, the support specialist will take immediate and firm steps. When having fun, follow the usual security measures on the web. Think about personal information and photos you share with other people by Spotted.

Pricing and Benefits

The Spotted app doesn’t restrict your experience. You can use both the free account and fee-based services. The decision is for the user only. You can find this dating app on the Google Play and Apple platforms and install it on your phone in a few seconds. The app does not charge installation fees and requires very little device memory space to run it. Having the majority of teens among their users, Spotted gives them a chance to date without payment. Among the list of services one can get for free, you will find:

These are the basic services access that is not displaying the broad scope of the search.

If you are handled to get the best service only and need to squeeze the most steam, then try the prepaid membership. The app offers several alternatives to obtain fee-based services. The terms that may become open to you after purchase are one week, one month, six months, and forever. 1-week membership for $ 3.49 is good for users who want to try the perks of the service, but don’t want to risk. A 1-month period for $ 13.49 is suitable for those who stick to the budget and don’t want to exceed it. 6-months membership for 54.99 dollars is popular among daily users who have already enjoyed the app’s cool features. Spotted also offers life-time access for $ 69.99.

The membership cost is the normal cost of similar products. A stunning highlight of Spotted is the experience to get a trial period for one week. Paid services introduce:

As you can see, the dating platform is customer-oriented.

Help & Support

The help and support team is chargeable for managing the service. It is the place to solve customer service problems. Spotted is not the exception to the rule. This dating service also has a help and support team. The quick and productive functioning of the team shows the level of the platform it works. If you undergo a lack of information, a case of an abrupt stop, or simply have questions like, what should I do to solve this problem? The Spotted support team rushes to the rescue! They go clean and fast. The service does its best to keep users happy being a customer-friendly company. Support specialists have the required technical experiences and are polite, energetic, and have excellent communication skills. The processing of each request usually takes from 1 to 2 days.


The Spotted app for mixing amazing people of interest, hanging out at parties, and building relations can definitely be considered safe. A careful security strategy and adequate help and support service have confirmed that more than once.

Spotted is a cozy place like home, where people can discover other people with similar hobbies, opinions, and outlooks. It is is really a place where people can meet, socialize, and match. By determining your location, the service will show users by interest. And if you want to find someone special, you just need to activate the search by Notes.

The app works simply and transparently. An important condition for the application to act is enabled user geolocation. Spotted is looking for matches among the users who will be near you. There are many chances that this may turn out to be a person you already know and not an absolute stranger. Each time capturing a pretty stranger’s gaze, remember that she may turn out to be your future match.

The app can be installed on the phone for free. There are basic services that every user can use right now. If you want to try Spotted at full speed, activate your membership. Fee-based services can be unlocked for one week, one month, and six months. If you are an app fan and hang in it all day round, then the forever access membership is for you!

The Google Play download board of this dating app demonstrates an unbelievable pointer that continues to grow. The plan of connecting people for fun and locating is good. We are surrounded by amazing people with related interests, who are also single and desire interaction and meetings. Spotted finds your optimal partner, even if you have special requirements for details.


Spotted takes its strait-laced position in the top list of services for online dating. It can do a lot for its users. Notwithstanding the short functionality in the free services, you can find a person. This app is picking up people you might already have met but still not accustomed to. It will show you a skateboarding or bowling partner. You will find here the same obsessed cocktail lover as you are and a person to go out with you. It is great, and it will not be an absolute stranger for you. Use fee-based services to come off to the full. The app is popular among young adults as it is stylish, encouraging, and powerful. By joining today, you can discover your matches. This app is an exceptional service for catching awesome people. Spend just a few minutes with Spotted, and you will enjoy it for sure!

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