Senior Friend Finder Review 2020

Are you a senior but still alone? Then you have to try meeting your significant other via Senior Friend Finder. This online platform is the most beneficial solution for people over 60. With this service, you will have no trouble looking for your beloved partner when you are middle-aged. This site provides lots of services for communication, and some of these functions are available for free.

Do you think it is hard to interact online if you are over 60? You will change your mind when you enter this dating website. It has a user-friendly interface, and you do not have to spend hours learning how it operates, even if you are not experienced in using the Internet. All these factors make Senior Friend Finder popular worldwide, and you will meet your true love regardless of your preferences and forget about any issues with your age. With this site, they do not matter because other members will appreciate you without thinking about these criteria. Anyway, is this website the best choice for senior men and women? Read this humble review to know the answer.

Reputation and History of Senior Friend Finder

Senior Friend Finder is one of the enormous platforms developed for people over 60 who are looking for their love. However, does the fact that it has the largest user base worldwide make this online platform trustworthy? Before creating your profile, you should learn more about its history. It will help you understand whether you can trust it.

The owner of this online service is an international corporation known as Friend Finder Network. This company was founded in New York City in 1996 and has already launched lots of websites for dating. Senior Friend Finder is one of its main projects. While creating the site, its owners wanted to unite singles over 60 who have not met their significant others yet, and they have achieved their goal. We can see it looking at the number of members. According to statistics, almost half a million members have joined this international community, and the number of users is increasing daily. That is why you will always meet someone who will be ready to talk.

Even though this site is accessible worldwide, it is available only in English. Nonetheless, do not worry if you are not fluent in this language. This service is modern, and you will get the idea of how it operates regardless of this factor.

Since this platform is created for senior males and females, most of them have serious intentions and want to spend the entire life with the person they will meet via this dating site. That is why you should point out that you do not have such intentions in your description if you are looking for some casual dating. Otherwise, it will lead to serious misunderstandings between you and your interlocutor.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

As you see, Senior Friend Finder is an excellent solution if you are middle-aged and eager to start dating. Do not be afraid to join this large community. Since this site is developed for seniors, it has a user-friendly interface, and you do not need any online communication experience to meet your perfect match.

Furthermore, you can continue your conversation on-the-go because this website has a separate application, which is available for iOS devices.

The first thing you have to do before diving into a conversation with a stranger is to create a new account. This procedure is straightforward and will take less than five minutes. To become a member faster, follow this instruction:

First, open the main page of the Senior Friend Finder and click on the “Join Now” button at the top right corner. After clicking it, you will get to the page where you have to select your gender and the gender of your potential partner. This platform is friendly to the LGBT community. That is why you can choose whatever you want. It is even possible to look for a couple.

Next, add the data about your age and location. This info includes your:

When you press the “Next” button, you will get to the page where you need to provide your:

While creating your page, you have to provide a valid email address. Otherwise, you will not be able to verify your account and join this community. What is more, your username must be unique and contain from 4 to 16 characters, or the system will never accept it.

After providing your contact data, you have to agree with the documents of this site. These legal materials include Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is better to read these papers beforehand. Otherwise, you will not find out what rules this platform has and how it collects the data you provide. We do not recommend using this service if you disagree with some of its requirements.

You will receive the letter to your email address if the data you provided is correct. In this letter, there is a link. To verify your account, click on it.

Your registration is done. Nonetheless, it is possible to create your account faster. In this case, you can exploit your existing Facebook page. To join this community via social media, click on the “Facebook Sign In” button located on the homepage, and provide access to your profile. Do not worry because this site will never get access to any private information you post on your page. Moreover, it will not publish any materials without your permission.

It is possible to start searching for your potential matches after creating your profile. Nevertheless, it is better to personalize it beforehand. In this case, you can upload images and select some details about your appearance. What is more, this site lets you add your description. By writing this text, you show yourself as an outstanding person and make your account more appealing. That is why it is better to think about something unique to amaze other members of this dating community.

Most people start asking this question, and that is reasonable because almost 90% of them have serious intentions. So, it can be depressing if the person you have become close to is fake. Developers of Senior Friend Finder understand that. That is why they do their best to protect this platform from scammers. In this case, they require everyone who creates a new page to verify the email address. To confirm this info, users have to click on the links provided in the letters they receive from the administration.

Even though moderators try to block people who start misbehaving, getting rid of all suspicious pages is impossible. That is why you should take care of yourself if you do not want your experience to be spoiled. In this case, follow these tips:

Of course, you can ignore a weird individual. Nonetheless, it is also possible to block this member. To do this, visit his or her profile and select this option near the profile photo. After confirming your action, you will never receive any messages from this human. You can also report abuse if this person starts insulting you. Thus, moderators will pay attention to this profile and block it if it does not meet all the criteria.

Since this site is developed for seniors, it has a straightforward interface. Its design is not as bright as other dating platforms, and the primary colors are blue and white. That is why nothing will distract you from a pleasant interaction with a stranger. The navigation is easy, and you have to use the top menu to visit the main pages of the Senior Friend Finder. This toolbox includes:

With this online platform, you can keep in touch with other members regardless of your location. To continue your conversation outdoors, download the app. This version is free and provides access to the same features. Unfortunately, it is available only on the App Store. However, it is possible to access this site if you are an Android user. In this case, the only thing you have to do is to open this service on your smartphone. This website is adapted to such devices.

Some people believe that the only thing that makes this website outstanding is that it is developed only for seniors. Nevertheless, such an opinion is wrong. This site provides its users with lots of features, and some of them are available for free. The most significant options are:

Partner Search

You are ready to start your conversation when you personalize your profile. Thanks to the usability of this dating service, it takes a couple of minutes to meet the member who is ready to interact. At least 10 thousand users are online each second, and you will find someone, even if you join this site at night.

The first thing you have to do before diving into your conversation is to look for your partner. In this case, click on the “Search” button located at the top menu. After that, you will see the feed with all online members and can select filters. These characteristics depend on your membership, and a free version provides only general criteria.

Next, you will access the most suitable profiles. To find out more about a particular person, visit this page, view the photos, and read descriptions. It is possible to send this user a message if he or she is attractive. You can continue your interaction if this person also finds you appealing.

As mentioned above, the number of criteria you can select depends on your membership. If you are a free user, you can choose:

As you see, these filters are not enough to meet your perfect match. That is why you should get a premium version to select:

Your conversation will start if your potential match answers your message. It is possible, to begin with, text messages. However, it is also possible to start sharing your photos to get closer to this user. What is more, it will help you get to the next level of your relationship.

Senior Friend Finder Alternatives

There are not many competitors in this niche, and we believe that the Senior Friend Finder is the best in its niche. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something different, it is better to create your account at:

Even though these sites are also popular, they are worse than Senior Friend Finder. They do not have such a smart design, which makes them less useful. Moreover, most features you can find there are not available for free members, and the price you have to pay for your subscription is not reasonable.

Membership Price and Payment Method

You do not have to pay anything to create your account or use some basic features. Nonetheless, getting a premium version is better if you want your online relationship to work out. This membership is not expensive, and you can use your credit card to buy it.

If you want to use this site for free, you can:

When you pay for your membership, you can:

You do not have to pay much to start your relationship. The price of your membership depends on its type. If you get a Silver version, it costs:

If you select a Gold version, you have to pay:

Is Senior Friend Finder Really Safe?

Senior Friend Finder is your choice if you are looking for a safe dating platform. Since its developers pay attention to the reputation, they take care of their users’ security.

You do not have to provide any details to become a member of this community. Moreover, it is impossible to continue using this site if you have not verified your account.

Do not be afraid of using your credit card for your membership payment. This website does not collect this data, and hackers or other third parties will never access it.

Since this site is user-friendly, you do not need to contact customer support often. However, the team of professionals is ready to help you 24/7. In this case, you need to send a feedback form. You will receive your answer in 24 hours.

Nonetheless, it is better to visit the “Help” page beforehand. In this section, you can read answers to the most popular questions, and the chance that you will find your answer there is high.

Popular User Questions:

To verify your photos, check if they meet the requirements. After uploading these images, you will have to wait from 24 to 72 hours. Moderators will check them manually and approve.

Go to the “My Account” page from the top menu. After that, press the “Delete Account” button and enter your password. When you confirm your action, your page will be deleted, and you won’t be able to recover it.

This feature is not available if you use this website for free.

To block another member, visit his or her account and select this option near the profile photo.

To stop paying for your membership, visit the “My Account” page. Then go to the “Billing History & Credit Card Info” and click “OFF” near the product status.


Overall, Senior Friend Finder is an excellent choice for singles over 60. With this site, you can access many adults worldwide, and some features are available for free. Moreover, you can continue interacting with other members outdoors. Simply download the Senior Friend Finder app and communicate wherever you want.

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