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Some about popular dating sites

Why are the most popular dating sites considered as “instruments of destiny”? The US sexologist Pepper Schwarz highlights the increasing role of the Internet in helping people find their perfect matches. According to statistics, more than 17% of marriages commence from online dating. As for the other countries, experts predict the massive growth of the industry within the upcoming years.

According to sociologists, more than 8 000 dating websites are already launched, and top-10 dating services comprise more than 90% of all persons registered for such platforms. What is the reason for such a significant shift towards several key platforms? The online dating market is competitive; hence, all services do everything to empower users with top-rated features.

What are popular dating sites?

What is the difference between popular dating sites and platforms which attract less numerous audiences? Popular services correspond to the following characteristics:

How to do popular dating?

When a person wishes to open an account on popular free dating sites, the following pieces of advice provided by experienced sexologists turn out to be useful:

Furthermore, don’t expect too much from popular dating sites. Fake accounts, wrong information, photos of other people are frequent even on the most popular online dating sites.

Which are people to find popular dating services?

Several years ago, there appeared a stereotype that losers mostly register for dating services, but the times had changed. The year 2020 showed that online dating services are sometimes the only way to find your significant other or meet exciting people to share interests and thoughts.

The rhythms of life become even more rapid, and people are too busy to find someone special on the street, for instance. Moreover, contemporary people understand the advantages of online dating platforms – that is easy to meet your perfect match corresponding to your expectations by appearance parameters, life principles, and interests.

Thus, popular dating sites are widespread among all people, no matter what their age, gender, or location are. According to Statista, the total number of dating services’ subscribers grows by 8-10% annually.

The community of the most popular dating sites increases rapidly. For instance, Tinder’s audience got 21.6 million new subscribers in 2019. While talking about the growing popularity of dating services, the following reasons need to be underlined:

Stats at popular dating sites

The online dating sphere continues growing, and numbers are truly impressive. For instance, the following stats you should know about the most popular online dating sites:

While talking about the popular dating sites, these platforms have both pros and cons. The following traits are distinguished among the top advantages:

Where to find a popular dating site?

There are numerous sources where a person may find the most popular dating sites:

How to choose the best popular dating sites?

When a person needs to select something, a considerable problem always appears. Different people have different requirements, and that is genuinely challenging to find some platforms that meet all the requirements. Meanwhile, most people base their choice on the following factors:

What’s the best dating app or website for popular dating?

The G-3 of the dating market includes the following platforms: Badoo, Tinder, and Plenty of Fish. These applications are widespread globally and have no limits from the viewpoint of age (except for under 18 persons), ethnicity, nationality, and even sexual orientation. All users are invited to join.

The best popular dating sites for a wild time

Aside from the dating market G-3, there are many other platforms to uncover. The following popular services are worth attention:

Match.com is a US-based dating platform hosting more than 80 million registered users. Such a service is the most useful in the USA, Great Britain, and Canada (91% of all users). Developers launched a service to help people find their perfect matches. Aside from a web version, mobile applications are accessible, as well.

Newcomers undergo the smooth registration process and face no mandatory verification. A diverse assortment of search filters is suggested for members, while users may switch between two different modes: traditional and matching-roulette.

The number of communicative options impresses, but those are available for premium subscribers only; therefore, users need to purchase premium membership packages to unblock textual messages. Furthermore, there are audio and video calls that make your dating process more exciting. According to users’ testimonials and success stories, a newcomer may find a significant other on the platform.

The eHarmony platform has already attracted more than 12 million subscribers, while more than 90% of registered persons are from the USA. The team convinces newcomers that someone finds love on the platform every 14 minutes.

According to users’ testimonials, eHarmony is among the most popular dating sites with a robust verification system. Scammers can hardly obtain an account there; furthermore, the team members continue checking profiles to find and suspend fake profiles timely.

Most users are looking for long-term relationships. The reviews show the majority of registered people are educated. The age group from 25 to 45 contains 69.1% of all users subscribed to eHarmony. Profiles are detailed and help a person form the first impression about a user.

Standard accounts are empowered with multiple features, but the unlimited messaging option is intended for premium subscribers only. Prices for privileged packages are among the lowest compared to other dating services.

While talking about the most popular online dating sites for women, Bumble goes to this ranking head. Such a platform has attracted more than 11 million subscribers, and female representatives outnumber – their part is 62% of all registered users.

The main idea of the platform lies in letting women make the first step. Men frequently initiate contact by sending flirts, likes, or messages, while the Bumble world is upside down. Confident and independent women select men they wish to cross paths with and start communication. That is quite strange, but representatives of all ages are equally spread on this service (e.g., the part of 55+-year-old persons is more than 16%).

The messaging option is free; hence, subscribers may not purchase premium features to enjoy the service. As for the cons, there are no search filters on Bumble.

Do popular dating sites actually work?

The answer depends on how thoughtful your choice is because different dating platforms have various specifications. When a person needs to find popular truck driver dating sites and opens an account on Tinder, the results won’t meet the expectations.

Most popular dating platforms are helpful, but a person needs to think over the dating purpose foremost (friendship, hookups, long-term relationships). Detailed profiles and cool photos are among the most important conditions on the road to success. Success stories and reviews show that online dating services are compelling enough.

Popular dating sites comprise from 10 to 100 or even more million subscribers, and these online crowds are perfect for scammers and money solicitors. Unfortunately, there are no platforms to exclude scammers entirely, but some measures lead to minimizing of fake profiles’ number:

What about security on popular dating sites?

Security is somehow a crucial factor while the user selects the most popular dating sites. This criterion depends both on creators and subscribers themselves.

Reliable dating platforms require the necessary information for opening an account, hide real names, and make most profile fields optional. Furthermore, a dating site should not display any contact information and make publications on social networks accounts.

As for registered persons, they need to meet website requirements (for instance, not upload nudity photos). Users should not place contact information in their profiles. While communicating, don’t violate the rules (abuses and offensive behavior are strictly prohibited).


Online dating is among the up-to-date trends. Contemporary people are too busy or shy; hence, dating platforms are the best solution to find a significant other or just have fun for one night. Popular services are divided into several categories: hookups, long-term relationships, etc.

On the one hand, we cannot deny the fact that dating platforms are genuinely helpful. Sociologists even convince people that marriages started from online dating are firmer. On the other hand, we need to make the right choice while looking for a suitable service. Platforms’ number is more than 8000; therefore, a person can easily be lost in such a diversity.

Look through some experts’ reviews to find out specific features you need to get. Register for popular dating sites and bring your dreams into reality.