Mature Quality Singles review 2020

Mature Quality Singles is a platform designed to find a like-minded responsible match for you. Are you mature and Single and finding a match in your area? Were you into your responsibilities and did not realize that you have crossed an age limit to find a match? What if you don’t believe in accidental relationships or casual dating? Are you quite mature to only look for like-minded mature singles rather than wasting time on short term hanging rounds? You do not go with a hunch feeling but rather prefer evaluating your options before making a decision? Then Mature Quality Singles may be the best platform for you.

They are intent upon giving a unique long-term relationship to mature singles, associated with it. Mature Quality Singles connects single men and women with their preferred choices irrespective of their sexual orientation. The people registered with this website are not there to play around and have some instant gratification. They are into senior business and want a similar partner who appreciates the quality of relationships where values and interests matter. The website is a pool of all large middle-aged who remained single for some reason. The users on the platform give preference to finding a mature partner over some flirtatious casual person.

Reputation and history of Mature Quality Singles

Mature Quality Singles is the website owned by Conversion Squared Corporation. Conversion Squared controls most of the data exchange. The platform connects people of different ethnicity and religious sentiments to pair with each other. Mature Quality Singles is a decade old company with an estimated worth of $73800 and has a per-day income of approx. $123.

Website and App interface, Registration

The navigation through the pages is relatively simple to accommodate any profile creation or edit information easily visible. It does not involve complex functions and tools, which are difficult for the users to get the hang of the website. In the first instance, the user can see the system’s flow and become an expert in using it. You can search for people near your location, have the same age range, and have the same interests as you. The website layout is fundamental so that they can inspire the older singles to find their matches easily. You are asked right in the first web page about your age, ethnicity, and location pin code to filter out the relevant results, like if you want it. If there are any unique requirements, you are directed to other dating sites or matchmaking services.

Mature Quality Singles has no independent app yet, but its mobile version is pretty functional. You have to link up a fully functional email id that exists and can be used to authenticate you.

The sign-up process is straightforward and starts with asking a few basic questions like your age, gender, ethnicity, and an email address to verify if there is a real person with this name. You can choose a username and password of your choice to log in to the system. As soon as the registration is complete, you can view relevant profiles based on the data you provided. The page loading time is minimal, and most of the question types are check-boxes, so you don’t have to type long answers. It does not take more than 5 minutes to register. You can upload your profile picture to represent yourself and mention any additional preferences or qualities you are looking for in your partner. The subjective and detailed answers can up your chances of finding a compatible match.

The platform is meant for mature individuals generally more than who are quite serious in finding their partners. They are responsible enough to make the use of the website in the best authentic manner. There are minimal chances of fake people creating their accounts. They are interested in the long term and serious relationships. Secondly, the dating account is linked with your email client; therefore, if the email you provide is verified, an account is created.

The site has attracted approximately 1.59 million views in the past six months. The maximum visitors have been estimated to be from the United States. About 33% of traffic is from a keyword search on Google. 54.47% is from organic search, and 45.53% is from paid search.41% of the visitors are the directed users from display ads. The website has a simple theme resembling the interests and choices of its significant visitors. Mature Quality Singles is compatible with third-party software that interact with the website data to bring out the right service options for you.

The website has a responsive design to adjust well to your mobile screens. Though there is no mobile app available on the play store, the user can access the platform’s mobile version to continue browsing even while on transit. They can view all the recent new profile notifications on their mobile phones to evaluate suitable options.

The website hosts a wide range of unique features on its platform, some of which are:

Partner Search

Mature Quality Singles has a user-base of millions of singles looking for serious relationships with other singles. The people are grown as they belong to a particular age group and carry the same interest in meeting sincere partners. It is not restricted to any specific ethnicity or Sexual orientation. Mature Quality Singles is an open platform for all windows, divorcees, single parents, and “never had” category.

To join the Mature Quality Singles platform as a member, you need to provide your correct age, location, and a working email address. Once you sign in, you should give some explanatory answers about your personality and elaborate on your match preferences. This will help the system find out suitable profiles for you. A single profile can add up to 26 photos to give a clearer picture of themselves. The users are shown suggested matches as per their preferences. They can click on any profile and like their profile pictures to show interest. They can even send them a message to interact with them further.

The users can search the potential matches with their location as a specification. This will display all the results for them near their area. The users can search with an age range, ethnicity, sexual orientation feature. The users can also search with a “who’s online “filter to chat with someone online at the moment.

The users can communicate with the match of their choice by liking their profile pictures and sending them a message request. They communicate with each other through an unknown mail id and have the liberty not to disclose their contact information until they know each other well. The user can start chatting with anyone for free without any hitch. They can begin talking with favorite people from the last left as chats are stored in the system for some indefinite period. The user can also comment on the profile pictures regarding their interest to interact further. Apart from this, Mature Quality Singles also sometimes redirect you to other dating websites or matchmakers to connect with relevant matches.

Mature Quality Singles Alternatives

Membership Price and Payment Methods

Mature Quality Singles is free to join for anybody who falls under a particular group and is still single. These members are generally interested in long term relationships and finding their life partners. Most of the features of this website are available for free. However, if you are looking for more than one criterion, third parties provide additional matchmaking services apart from Mature Quality Singles. The charges fall extra for such other services. The prices vary as per the duration of the use.

The member sign-in is free on Mature Quality Singles platform. You are given a detailed questionnaire to capture your partner preferences in detail. Up to 26 profile pictures can be added to a user’s profile. Daily new suggestions the system shows match your criteria. The overall shuffling of profiles allows the last profiles to show up in the top results regularly. You can send likes and smiles to your favorite profiles.

The premium members are shown in top results to the other premium users. You have the option to view who has viewed your profile. There is no limit to the messages one can send to his favorite match. You can comment on profile pictures that take to your liking in the first instance. There are more profile suggestions available with a premium feature.

How much does it cost dating on Mature Quality Singles

This dating website is amongst one of the rarest dating platforms that generously offers its outstanding features to their users for free. There is no cost of signing up and using any and every feature of this platform. You just have to register and browse throughout the website swimmingly.

Is Mature Quality Singles safe?

The verification process is mandatory at the time of Sign-up with a valid email address. This makes sure no user can create two accounts with the same email address. According to the privacy policy of Mature Quality Singles, they will take all due measures to protect their users. The website shares only a limited amount of user profile information with its third-party partners. This saves users from unwanted ads and interruptions in the user experience. The personal data of the users is stored on servers from Amazon Web services. Mature Quality Singles take different safety measures to protect users like data beyond firewalls, only role-based data access, Monitoring of user activity on the website.

The data is exchanged between the platform and third-party services to provide better match results to the users. The user can restrict the amount of his personal information to be shared with third parties. If you want an uninterrupted user experience every time without ads, you have the right to delete or decline the cookies stored in the browser. You can always send an email to the organization to restrict them from sharing a user email address with other third parties.

Mature Quality Singles provide users the list of all of their third party partner information on their request. The platform undertakes all security measures when the data is being transferred to other servers to prevent data loss. You can send an email message to the customer support team to restrain the website from sharing your personal information with other software. If you want to request the support team, the site has a formal mail address to send your request, or you need to fill a short support form to register a complaint. The platform has 30 days to address your queries.

Popular user questions

Every profile picture is firstly authenticated with your other account information to check if it is you. The profile picture should not be blurred, because if it is, your profile cannot get authenticated.

You can delete the account by going to the settings option in our account. Click on the “Delete account” option. The system will send the confirmation message asking “Are you sure you want to delete the account. Again, click on the Delete account to give your confirmation for deleting your account.

You can see if someone likes your profile picture without paying anything. This feature is available for free in the Mature Quality Singles platform.

Click on the profile picture of the person you want to block. Click on the option Block from the drop-down. Once you have confirmed the block one again, you stop seeing that person in the search results or suggested matches.

You must press the option Cancel Subscription from the My account settings menu and click on the confirm cancelation tab to take you back to the free version.


Mature Quality Singles is the perfect destination if you are single and in or above your 40s and still trying to find your true love. The age remains no bar, and it’s an advantage if you have landed on this website. You can find a special someone even at this age. There is no room for small-term relationships, casual dating, or hookups in this platform. A detailed profile, with your match preferences, described subjectively, can give you a partner for a lifetime. Although Mature Quality Singles is aimed at serving the dating needs of mature men and women, anyone above the age of 18 years can join this website; that means younger men and women interested in dating an adult person can also join this website for free. Most of the users on this platform seek a positive, stable, and long term relationship that can most possibly turn into a marriage. Users on the website are not casual about their partner and want to meet someone who is also seeking a serious relationship that can last for long. Mature Quality Singles is an authentic and genuine online dating platform where adult users can find a partner with whom they can spend their lives. So go ahead and sign up on Mature Quality Singles today!

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