Herpes Dating

Some Information About Herpes Dating

Imagine a scenario where you find someone you really like on a usual dating site or app only for them to tell you later that they have an STI. There is a solution for singles living with STIs to avoid such awkward moments. Herpes dating sites have become among the most used dating sites worldwide.

The dating sites are exclusively for people with the Herpes virus and work like your typical dating website or app. However, they have specially designed additional features that cater to the needs of users with the virus.

Do you want to date someone with herpes? Are you having challenges finding a partner because you are living with herpes? Well, you’ve found a solution. In this review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about herpes dating. If you are a newbie in herpes dating, you’ll also learn a few tips on how to navigate herpes dating.

What Are Herpes Dating?

Herpes dating is dating partners who have the herpes virus. But, since society looks down upon people living with the virus or any other STI, these individuals are usually victims of being rejected or stigmatized on the usual dating platforms.

As a result, the need for people with the virus to find dates gave birth to herpes dating sites. The objective of these websites and mobile applications is to create a community of singles living with herpes. In this community, the singles can freely interact without fear of being frowned at or rejected because of their condition.

If you’re living with the herpes virus and are looking for a romantic partner, you should join a herpes dating platform. On these platforms, you won’t have to worry about being stigmatized or rejected. You’ll also not lose sleep over how you’re going to break the news to a beautiful person you met online that you have herpes.

Furthermore, the herpes dating sites ride on the trust of their users. The majority of herpes dating sites state categorically in their Privacy Policy how they take their members’ privacy seriously. Also, the dating platform will not force you to reveal your diagnosis to all the users. With these dating services, you can have fun flirting and chatting with other singles with herpes.

How to Use Herpes Dating Sites?

Herpes dating sites are focused on connecting people with the herpes virus for different kinds of relationships. Like the typical dating sites, users must create an account before the site grants them access to its services. The complexity of the registration process varies from site to site. However, most of the sites have a straightforward registration process.

Some herpes dating sites are exclusively for people with the herpes virus, while others also admit users with other STIs. In the registration process, you must reveal the STI you have. The sites also recognize that having herpes is the only attribute the users are looking at.

You’ll have to fill in your profile to let other users know more about you. On the user page, you’ll tell other users about your interests, cultural background, and relationship status, and whether you have children or not. You’ll also tell other users something about your lifestyle and share about your future aspirations.

Once your profile is ready, you’ll have access to the sites’ features. Some herpes dating sites are entirely free to use. This means that you have unlimited access to all the features on the site without having to pay. However, some have exclusive features reserved for users who are willing to pay for them.

The dating sites also have matching algorithms that review your profile information and present you with potential partners. You can browse through other users’ profiles and select the ones you like. You can use the herpes dating site’s communication features to interact with other users online before deciding to meet them in person.

Like on other dating sites, dating with herpes has its challenges. You might encounter scammers hiding behind user profiles on these sites who might try to con you. They’ll lure you into their trap by suggesting they know of a doctor or drug that can heal your condition. Beware of such users. Block and report them immediately to the herpes dating site moderators.

Which People Can You Find on Herpes Dating Sites?

On herpes dating sites, you’ll encounter users who are living with the herpes virus. Other herpes dating sites also admit users with other STIs like HIV/AIDS. Usually, the platform allows users to search and filter users based on the STI they are living with.

Apart from living an STI, these users are also searching for different types of relationships. Some of the users are interested in dating someone with herpes for the long haul in a relationship that could lead to marriage. On the other hand, some users are just looking for fun. Ensure you read other user’s profiles to understand what they’re after before engaging them.

Herpes dating sites are also a hunting ground for scammers. According to user reviews, some users pretend to be knowledgeable about STIs matters and will even tell you how they were entirely healed after using a particular treatment protocol. Please, it is advisable to ignore such users. Stick to advice issued by professionals only.

Generally, all forms of online dating are prevalent right now. Unlike in the past, where online dating was viewed as an exercise for social misfits, more people appreciate its benefits nowadays. Furthermore, online dating users are continually demanding more tailored services to meet their specific needs.

This demand for tailored services has given rise to numerous niche dating sites. Among the niche sites that have positively impacted online dating are the dating platforms for people living with herpes and other STIs. According to several reviews by users, dating with herpes on regular dating sites has proven to be difficult.

The need for a safe space where singles with herpes can interact and have romantic relationships without fear of being judged has pushed developers to develop many solutions. The effectiveness of these solutions has made them popular over the years.

Users on these dating platforms are from different cultural backgrounds. You can find other singles in your locality or from other countries around the world. If you’re interested in meeting singles in your area, ensure you ascertain how many singles on the site are from your area. If you pick an unpopular location, it might not be useful.

You’ll also encounter users with different sexual preferences. Some studies reveal that the sites have a significant number of homosexuals. They also show that 90% of the homosexuals on the platforms are from Latin American countries.

Furthermore, according to the reviews, not all active members are active, as a whopping 75% are reported to be passive. Also, the users tend to go for a long term serious relationships that end up in marriage. User testimonies reveal that in two years after successfully matching and getting married, the users usually have children.

Herpes dating sites have numerous advantages that users can benefit from. When you join these sites, here are some of the benefits you’ll get:

Where to Find Herpes Dating Sites?

There are several places you can find herpes dating services. First, you can use your favorite search engine to search for “herpes dating sites.” You’ll get many results, so you need to know how to choose the best.

You can also learn about the best herpes dating site for your needs by reading reviews on dating sites by experts. From the reviews, you can choose a website that has features that appeal to you. Social media private groups for people living with herpes are also a great place to get information about herpes dating sites.

Finally, you can ask friends who you trust. You do not want to share your medical condition with someone who’ll judge you or disclose your details to others. Read the next part to discover how you can select the right platform for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Herpes Dating?

With so many herpes dating sites out there, you have to be extra cautious while selecting. Remember, joining the first site you come across might not be the best move. Here are factors you ought to consider before joining a herpes dating site:

What are your dating objectives?

Before you go searching for a dating website, you must determine your dating goals. For instance, are you after long term relationships, or you just want to have fun? Having a clear dating objective will be instrumental in selecting the right dating platform.

Which device will you access the service from?

The mode of access will also guide you in selecting a dating platform. If you’re planning to access your mobile device’s services, the site should have a corresponding mobile app or responsive design. If you can’t access the services, then your dating will not be successful.

Is the site popular in your area?

Some best herpes dating sites are limited in terms of availability. If you are interested in meeting singles with herpes in your area, go for a well-known site there. Otherwise, you might be forced to have long-distance relationships, which could introduce new challenges.

Is the herpes dating site reputable?

You should only join a dating platform with a good reputation. For instance, user privacy is fundamental for herpes dating sites. Read reviews online to determine whether the site you’re interested in has a reputation for keeping its user details private. If it has a history of going against the privacy policy, there is a high likelihood that it’ll happen again.

How secure is the site?

Finally, you should never join a herpes dating site that is not secure. You can tell if a website is safe by trying to create an account. If there is no verification process during registration, the site is most likely a haven for scammers. Furthermore, the platform should verify user identity and notify other users of verified users.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Herpes Dating?

Meet People With Herpes

Based on the selection criteria mentioned above, Meet People With Herpes is arguably the best herpes dating site. Popularly known as MPWH, the site’s services are designed exclusively for people living with herpes. Its customized services have made it stand out from the other STI dating sites.

On the platform, you’ll encounter eligible herpes singles with HSV-1 and HSV2. Like other herpes dating platforms, signing up is free and effortless. It also takes the privacy of its members very seriously. However, the site does not do background checks on its members. Therefore, it is upon you to scrutinize the people to meet.

If you prefer dating on the go, you can download the MPWH mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. The app has similar functionalities to those available on the website. Both platforms have great communication features and other services that are suitable for singles living with herpes.

There are different paid membership plans you can choose from. The prices are reasonable compared to the standard market rates. If you have concerns that require immediate response, you can reach the customer support team via a direct phone line. Aside from that, the user interface is excellent, and you won’t have a problem navigating.

Positive Singles

If you want to have a wild time dating with herpes online, you should try Positive Singles. The site boasts of a membership of up to 1.5 million users from around the world. What makes the site more interesting is that it focuses on the total human being instead of the medical condition only.

The Positive Singles platform considers your interests, lifestyle choices, and other personality traits to find you a match. Moreover, the site balances privacy and transparency well. You can see who visited your user page, and you can decide to browse incognito. A site is an excellent place for dating someone with herpes as you can determine what others can see. Positive Singles lets users set customizable privacy settings. You can use the settings to decide which parts of your profile other users can view. User profiles are detailed with their information and the details of the person they would like to meet.

You can access limited services for free or pay a premium to access the exclusive features. Users can also benefit from other useful features like discussion forums and location directory.

Do Herpes Dating Sites Actually Work?

Based on user reviews on herpes dating platforms, it is correct to conclude that the services work. For instance, many users met on these platforms and went on to form a long-lasting relationship. Furthermore, other users testify that they felt safe interacting with other users on the sites who understood their condition.

If you go for a reputable herpes dating site, you’ll find the majority of the users are real. There are several things you ought to check to determine the reality of a user base. First, the user profiles should be properly filled with profile photos. If you come across a profile with scanty information and no profile picture, it would be best to avoid it.

Another sign that a user base is real is its diversity. A regular user database should have members from different races and ethnicities. Furthermore, not everyone is a model; if a site has curvy women in their 20s only, that’s likely to be a scam.

Based on the factors mentioned above, most herpes dating sites have real members. However, you should always be on the lookout for scammers.

What About Security on Herpes Dating Sites?

However, whatever herpes dating sites are doing is not enough. It would be best if you complimented their efforts by playing your part. Some of the things you can do to remain safe include:


Having herpes is no longer an excuse for living a lonely life. Many solutions can help you meet other like-minded singles. If you are a single individual interested in dating someone with herpes, you can create your account on a herpes dating site to get started.