Farmers Dating Sites

Some Facts About Farmer Dating

Farmer dating intends to unite people in a serious partner search among people connected with agriculture. On these platforms, you will find singles from your country who want to join your family business or move to the countryside to breed animals and grow crops.

You can make acquaintances from the agricultural sphere and still apply various filters to find your special someone who will meet specific requirements. The single farmers and hunters want to meet singles with similar interests and hobbies on the farmers dating website. You can also run across some single riders and nature-loving singles from the region on such platforms.

What Is Farmer Dating?

People who like to live in the country and have similar interests, hobbies, wishes, and dreams meet each other when they enter the world of farmers dating. You should not expect short-term affairs when registering on such platforms because users seek a partner for life there. Unique algorithms and questionnaires determine what singles you will meet, calculating a good character and interest match. Usually, the farmers only dating site is a friendly community where people describe themselves and answer funny questions to attract those with a similar sense of humor.

At the same time, you can indicate which answer options or attitudes and values ​​you would like your future partner to have. Your answers to the questions and the results of the person’s self-description determine a so-called “matching factor.” In this way, you can see at a glance which users share your opinions and, therefore, suit you better than others. Browsing photos and communication via chats are also essential parts of matching.

How to Use Farmer Dating?

Are you a farmer looking for a partner? Or are you a single woman looking to flirt with a farmer? Then the farmers’ dating site will be precisely for you. As a rule, such sites’ functionality is not worse than the set of features you get at any other dating platform.

The more personal information, such as a desire to have children or the importance of the family in your life, you add, the more trust you will inspire.

Which People Can You Find on Farmer Dating Sites?

You can meet singles of all genders, ages, professions, the sphere of farming, interests, and beliefs on the farmers only dating site. There are often even some bizarre statements in the profiles. For example, a young woman wrote in her profile what she wished to expect from a man: the largest possible machines or a specific breed of livestock. You can always choose to be less open or more pragmatic.

Farmers need love as well, but they often have an incredibly difficult time searching for a partner. Reasons for an unusually high proportion of singles among farmers are, in addition to the hard work already mentioned, that farmers have little free time and certainly little or no vacation where they can take care of getting to know potential partners.

A day on the farm is full of work, starts early in the morning, often ends late at night, discotheques, parties or the like the bar visits are hardly possible. These conditions explain why using the farmers’ dating website is so popular right now.

Only a few urban citizens are willing to live a long-term life by the side of a farmer because you quickly realize that life in the country has little to do with romance and much to do with getting up early and hard work. Accordingly, the proportion of singles among farmers is also exceptionally high. Some estimates put the proportion of singles among farmers at almost 70%. There isn’t much feedback concerning couples formed on farmers dating platforms either. Some dating platforms claim to make new 20-30 couples every year.

The significant advantage of farmers dating is that farmers are very independent people who also know what they want.

Where to Find Farmer Dating Sites?

For many farmers today, the Internet is often the only way to find a partner. Of course, you can do this at the numerous large and established single exchanges and dating platforms. With these dating sites, you can find hundreds of thousands of farmer singles from all regions, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of professions. Many have already found happiness on the farmers only dating site. If you want to join them, consult the best online communities for this.

How to Choose the Best Farmer Dating Sites?

Farmers may have better chances if they register with dating platforms specially developed for their professional group and look for partners there. These unique dating platforms for farmers include FarmerSingles and LandFlirt. FarmerSingles specializes more on European farmers, LandFlirt is more suitable for farmers from any country, no wonder, since Landwirt Agrarmedien GmbH, a farmer dating giant, operates it. also offers flirt tips for farmers applicable to singles in all countries.

FarmersOnly is another excellent option. This one is a dating site with the motto “Urban won’t understand.” It gathered under its roof cattle breeders, farmworkers, agricultural students, and in general, everyone who prefers to live in the province. If what they write on the site is true, then more than 200 people could conclude a sacred union thanks to this site.

What’s the Best Dating App or Website for Farmer Dating?

British agricultural startup Hectare Agritech has launched Tudder, an app for cow dating. The startup has created an analog of the dating service Tinder to help farmers raise cattle. While singles can mate cows there, people widely use it to get in touch with the single farmers. According to Bloomberg, the application aims exclusively at the British market and contains farmers’ data from 42 thousand farms across the country.

The animal’s profile includes age, health, diet, location, and owner. The latter section lets you leave some hints for other farmers, meaning that you are open to the new dating. Many find such a concept amusing and very useful.

Farmers note that the application is beneficial, as it saves time and effort in finding a suitable animal for mating and eliminates tedious visits to agricultural markets. One user explained that it often takes almost two weeks to find a breeding bull and that all the farm processes are tedious. The Hectare Agritech app cost £ 3m. Investors and a government program helped the providers raise funds. It is worth noting that this farmers’ dating startup is not the company’s first agricultural project. It released the SellMyLivestock and Graindex apps, widely used by farmers too. Hectare plans to open a similar Tudder for sheep soon.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in your pool, you have to go out to sea. One option is online dating. Meanwhile, six out of ten singles worldwide use digital dating sites, and the trend is rising. Many farmers also get to know their life partner in this way. According to an online survey by agriEXPERTS, 7 percent of the farmers questioned met their love on the farmers only dating site.

But the offer is enormous. Among the thousands of sites, some specialize in the target audience of farmers. But do they keep what they promise? Real farmers have been testing three different online dating sites for one month each. You can now read the results of the experiment below.


This farmers dating site, as the name suggests, focuses on the professional group of farmers. However, the testers did not find the proportion of singles from agriculture to be very high. When searching for the vicinity, the next singles can be 100 to 150 km away. Overall, the platform makes a good impression s in terms of reliability. You will feel that all users are all real singles and not fake profiles, as you can see when the person last logged in.

Singles from the country can place an advertisement with a profile and photo on the portal. This straightforwardness makes registration quick and easy. Anyone can send the advertiser a contact request via the platform. Communication takes place via a private email address. On the farmers dating site, you should be ready to receive many emails with explicit sexual content. If you take dating seriously, this platform will not be for you. Nevertheless, the many functions in the premium version made the site a bit confusing. Unfortunately, there isn’t a mobile app, either.


The dating portal LoveScout24, with around 10,000 new registrations per day, is one of the largest platforms for farmers dating and seeking a partner of any profession and interest. The number of male and female singles on offer is relatively high overall. Unfortunately, you will not find any matches in your area if you live far away from the city. Immediately after registration, you will receive many contact inquiries, almost all of which will be serious. The response rate isn’t high. Even if you send messages to many singles, you will only get a few matches. Both found the registration problem-free.

Operation and communication on this farmers’ dating website are comfortable, also thanks to a mobile app. While this app doesn’t focus specifically on farmers, they find it the most easy-to-use and popular among their community. You will meet many people from the countryside on LoveScout24. They post photos, add personal details to their profiles, and exchange messages there every day.

Does Farmer Dating Actually Work?

The advantage of using the farmers only dating site is obvious — farmers can look for their partner among like-minded people. Most of the members on such sites are active in agriculture or interested in it. They understand that farmers’ dating implies unusual working hours, abnormal getting up times, or extraordinary work-related stresses. Many members have no photos or only a single profile picture in their profile albums.

You will have to put effort and get to know a person via a conversation. If you are ready to pay a lot of time to seek a serious match, farmers only dating site will work for you. All in all, farmers are unusual guests on generalist dating platforms, and there are no other options for them than to use farmers’ dating communities. Your task is to decide what you value more: your time or nerves. Using a specialized site means your circle of potential partners is narrower, but their quality is higher, and you meet zero prejudices.

Any quality farmers only dating site has all the essential functions that belong to the standard equipment of an online dating site. Here you will find a member search (simple and advanced), messages for contacting other users, profile visitors, friends, and virtual gifts. The admins also take security as one of the main working principles.

Are you a farmer looking for a partner? Or are you looking for a one-night stand? The serious farmers dating sites will help you in your search and provide thousands of authentic options. You would browse among real users even if they chose not to reveal their faces or personal details. Upon registration, you will access a free basic membership with quite an extensive set of functions. Those who want to have advanced features can upgrade to the premium membership. In any case, the security level provided by the farmers only dating sites is equal for all members.

What About Security in Farmer Dating?

You are free to fill in your profile in great detail, completing all the open text boxes, or leave personal data hidden. You can also describe what kind of idea you have of the partner you are looking for. To give a better impression of yourself, the provider recommends that you upload several images. You can be sure that farmers dating website will not transfer them to third parties or sell to the stock sites. Farmer sites are secure and reputable online dating portals. They protect users and manually check all profiles before approving them.


Farmers are Jacks of all trails because they know so much about bookkeeping, animal production, plants, construction, and technology. The misconception that farmers are stupid is entirely wrong. Dating a farmer is more difficult because everyone is talking about the “farmer looking for a wife” stereotype. Even so, it is not easy to get to know someone on the farmers’ dating site. Lots of people can’t handle it that well knowing that a yard is a lot of work. That scares off immature people and those who did not face such a reality before. That fact explains why many farmers use specialized platforms. Farmers’ dating website makes things a little easier.