Dating apps

Some about dating apps

At present day, the dating reality is step-by-step, shifting towards the online sphere – dating apps catch the attention of millions of subscribers. People complain about augmenting difficulties they face while looking for their significant other in real life. Hence, the number of online dating fans grows dramatically.

Let’s return to traditional dating. What is the best place to find your soulmate? Office, university, or just a crowded street? People are too busy now; they make enormous efforts to unlock their potential; therefore, it is easy to use your magic devices to find the right person.

The online dating market is a promising niche for investors who prefer to support new projects. For instance, in 2017, users of online dating services brought $1.4 billion, while in 2019, this number had reached $2.4 billion, growing by 71%. The experts predict further growth to $4.2 billion per year by 2024.

What are dating apps?

Actually, mobile applications catch more attention than websites, as more users surf the Internet through their smartphones. The online dating industry is not an exception – progressive people prefer to find their significant others with the help of the best dating apps.

While talking about online dating applications, those save users’ time and offer an understandable and convenient interface. Moreover, those apps are developed for a younger audience; hence, their design is bright and up-to-date.

As for the prices, there are some free dating apps; meanwhile, those applications are freemium because many options are available for premium subscribers. Sometimes, fee-based services offer better functionality than free apps; hence, a user needs to understand which goals are principal so that mobile applications could meet all the requirements.

How to do dating apps?

Newcomers may hardly understand what they should do with a dating application. Meanwhile, the algorithm is elementary, containing the following steps:

Which are people to find dating apps?

While speaking about the target audience of dating apps, many different people prefer to use these services. Among the most frequent categories of people, the following ones are distinguished:

Thus, the audience of dating applications is diverse enough, and according to statistics, the number of subscribers increases gradually. The experts say that every 3rd inhabitant in the Globe would open an account on dating services by 2030.

Diverse reasons are driving the online dating industry forward. The following ones are the most significant:

While talking about the gender distribution, men outnumber dating applications – their proportion is 60%. Such apps are mostly intended for younger people; hence, people from 20 to 35 are the most frequent users of mobile dating platforms (43.0%). Subscribers from 35 to 44 years are 25.8% of the whole community, and the age group from 18 to 24 occupies the third place, according to the gender distribution (17.4%).

Furthermore, the total number of subscribers using dating applications is steadily increasing. In 2017 2.9% of all people had accounts on different services, while in 2019, the number reached 4.1%. Furthermore, 0.9% of all Globe inhabitants prefer to purchase premium packages, while the rest 3.9% of users choose free dating apps.

As for the geographic distribution of members, there are five leading countries, where the most percentage of people register for dating applications: USA (13.3% of the whole population), Great Britain (13.1%), Luxembourg (12.9%), Netherlands (12.5%), and Portugal (12.3%). Some apps are even intended for uniting people of a specific nationality: Mexican Cupid, Dominican Meet, etc.

While comparing dating applications with website versions, the following pros of mobile apps are evident:

Where to find dating apps?

The statistics show the whole number of dating apps is more than 8000, and every year this number is expected to grow by 10-15%. How can a person find the best applications among such an enormous choice? The following tips should be taken into account:

How to choose the best dating apps?

What are the best dating apps? Such a question is quite controversial, as people have various expectations toward these services. Among the essential criteria, the following ones are mostly distinguished:

What are the best dating apps?

The best free dating apps are always grouped by a subjective opinion because there are no services that match everybody’s expectations. Hence, people need to do experiments with diverse platforms, looking for some perfect ones.

The best dating apps for a wild time?

While speaking about the top-3 dating applications, most people pay attention to the number of users. Obviously, the more people join a platform, the more functional and useful it turns out to be. The Great Three of the online dating market contains the following platforms:

This application is ranked #1 worldwide, with over 400 million subscribers. Meanwhile, such an app helps find nearby people, as the system uses your location and offers people. You may either like their photos or swipe members. The functionality is convenient enough – all features are at your fingertips.

Profiles are detailed enough, and aside from general information, users can specify their interests and preferable topics to discuss; hence, you may understand whether there are common interests. Furthermore, newcomers may add their photos and videos to catch other users’ attention.

Badoo enables subscribers to send messages for free, but there are premium packages and credits; therefore, members may enlarge their power. While talking about exclusive features, the platform has a list of top members and offers registered persons you’ve somewhere crossed paths (based on your GPS data).

At present, many dating apps offer matching-roulette choice to save users’ time. This mode is convenient enough, making it possible to find many exciting persons within several seconds, but Tinder is the father of such a searching principle. This matching mode is frequently called a Tinder-like one.

Hence, the second popular dating application widespread globally – that is the brief description of Tinder. The platform is available for all systems and has more than 50 language options so that every subscriber could obtain the highest functionality. Meanwhile, according to users’ reviews, the majority of people registered there are looking for hookups.

Users activate some filters, and the system shows matching profiles. Full-size photos and profile information are available for free. Meanwhile, premium subscriptions allow members to send instant messages or choose opinions when you’ve skipped a person. Messages for matched persons not fee-based.

The Plenty of Fish platform is the third popular dating app, with more than 100 million registered persons. This app is equally suitable for different dating purposes: hookups, friendship, long-term relationships. Applications are available for both Android and iOS devices.

The registration process takes about 5 minutes, but the team needed more information to help you meet like-minded persons. Actually, the PoF app is not just about dating – the service serves as some kind of a hobby club, where people may spend much time making new friends and discussing important topics.

The functionality and searching principles are easy for all people. Activate some profiles and start browsing users’ profiles. The messaging option is available in case of mutual interests to protect registered persons from annoying fans. Plenty of Fish makes everything possible to make two persons with mutual interests ready for a real meet.

Do dating apps actually work?

The statistics stated that 17% of all marriages had commenced from online dating services in 2020. This number is dynamically on the rise, and users rely more on applications while talking about relationships of all kinds.

The market becomes more competitive as new platforms appear, which is good news for subscribers. They expect to get even more qualitative functionality and modest prices. Free dating apps do not correspond to modern requirements.

Newcomers may easily find some success stories on the chosen applications. Those stories tell about happy couples who met on the application and continued their life road together.

There is no precise answer to this question, as scammers and catfishes penetrate most dating apps. Everything depends on a verification system. When a newcomer needs to validate emails, phone numbers, and even photos, scammers face huge problems creating fake accounts and prefer other services.

Some platforms enable users to select whether to undergo robust verification or not. Verified users get more privileges and are highly protected from catfishes.

What about security on dating apps?

Security is among the dominating factors because newcomers give their personal information while opening an account. Reliable, top-rated platforms require some necessary information, like age, gender, and location, allowing new entries to browse the service under screen names. When a person uses social networks’ accounts to enter a dating app, those applications do not make any publications or notifications on accounts.

As for the contact information, leaving contacts within your profiles is not a good idea. Some platforms even suspend accounts because of such violations. There are millions of users, and you cannot be convinced of their behavior; hence, no contact information should be given. The best dating apps contain some safety tips to protect subscribers.


The industry of online dating forms the future that is step-by-step coming. People live under new realities. That becomes much easier to find your significant other through dating applications that offer many searching filters and exciting options.

The Internet removes barriers, shyness, and borders; hence, subscribers are free to find friends or love globally, no matter how distant persons are from your location. Multiple communication options, virtual gifts, detailed users’ profiles – online platforms make the dating process straightforward and exciting.

The number of dating applications has already reached 8000, and these services are becoming even better with every update. Meanwhile, top-rated platforms are attracting more than 1.5-2% of the Globe population. While looking for the perfect dating apps, take into account both experts’ reviews and your expectations.