Christian Connection Review 2020

Christian Connection is popular among religious singles. It is a secure and efficient niche-based dating platform. The site appeared in the online dating industry many years ago. It is a big advantage because Christian Connection had enough time to explore the main needs and preferences of single Christian men and women who want to meet each other for serious relationships or friendships. Give it a try to test its efficiency. Also, you should not forget to explore the functionality of the Apple app, which is free of charge and very engaging to install.

Reputation and History of Christian Connection

The Christian Connection website appeared in 2000. During these years, it became an award-winning dating platform with an excellent reputation. An enthusiastic team from London founded an exclusive community for Christian devotees. Nowadays, it is well-known far from the UK. It gets more popular in the United States of America, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even in Asia. It gained recognition of many singles from all around the world. This dating platform is the right place for with men and women looking for love, friendship, and spiritual support. You will find your lifetime partner here very fast. The team of moderators observes the behavior of all the registered members. The site has the general safety guideline, and all the people in this community have to follow these rules. You can meet both young and mature people who enjoy interactions with like-minded people. You should read a lot of love and companionship stories, which started here. They will motivate you to believe in the power of love.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

Christian Connection has a well-structured web design in both desktop and mobile versions. After testing this dating platform for the first time, you can see that it is straightforward and user-friendly. The most active age for – 40s, so the design and usability satisfy the dating needs perfectly.

A new client can create his or her account in a few minutes. The encourages you to answer several questions about your personality, lifestyle, level of faith, and partner’s preferences. You get three days to use all advanced features free of charge. The registration is 100% hassle-free. Ensure you provide valid information about yourself not to confuse other members who have a sincere desire to meet you. You can write your bio briefly. People are curious to know your age, location, ethnicity, hobbies, etc. Some sections can be blank and edited later.

You can be sure that all members are real people on the Christian Connection platform. There are 60 % of female users and 40 % of males. All members have pretty detailed profiles with many interesting details. You will have enough choice to find your lovely date.

The moderator checks the age of new members and blocks the users who have not reached 18 years old. Also, you can find spiritual support from more experienced people in Christianity.

You have the choice to use a desktop version or free mobile application. The Christian Connection app makes the communication stage more portative, convenient, and easily accessible. You should not stop messaging when you are not at home. Users have the sensation that they interact in real life. You can sign-in to the app using an already registered username/password. You can access the message inbox to continue your communication with potential matches. You can install the application from the App Store without any charge. Right now, the Christian Connection app is available for Apple mobile devices. It is available for three countries: the UK, the USA, and Canada. The desktop version is more complicated than the app version. As for the user interface, web design, and user database, they are the same. Let’s hope that the developer will launch the same app for Android users. If you want to access the site on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can do it via any web browser. Test the Christian Connection app as an efficient extension to your dating experience.

The Christian Connection platform offers several unique features for premium users. You will find them useful because they allow you to customize your search options.

Partner Search

As a new member, you get granted with the three-day trial period. It gives you full access to the premium features. You should test them to understand whether you should upgrade your dating account. All new members should use the search tool to extend their contact lists. The site allows you to get your potential matches categorized. You have to customize the top preferences in the “Search” menu. There are plenty of advanced filters available. You will find potential dates that fit your set criteria perfectly.

All Christian Connection members have the right to send waves to people they like and want to know better. As a new client, you will get a free trial period for three days. You should not miss the opportunity to send up to five private messages per day without paying anything.

You should explore the search and matchmaking tools to find perfect dates. You can keep your contacts well-organized by adding potential matches to your own “Favorites” listing. You can search by applying the first names as the search filter if you already know the usernames of certain people.

You should start interacting with potential matches as soon as you open your dating account. You have access to paid features for three days. All new members can send/reply to five private messages per day. As soon as the trial period ends, you can still send waves to paid/unpaid members. Free users face some limitations. You can’t answer messages or check the list of online users. The interaction goes easier for premium users. You should consider upgrading your dating account.

Christian Connection Alternatives

Membership Price and Payment Method

If you just opened a new dating account on Christian Connection, you should use a trial basis status to test it free of charge. It is your unique opportunity to get complete access to all features of the website. As the main payment option, the website accepts credit cards.

The price for the monthly subscription plan is not very high compared to other similar sites. After testing this dating platform, you will see that it is worth its price. It is the only way to get a complete dating experience on the Christian Connection site. You get access to advanced features, which will get you to meet other single Christian men and women. All the premium members have permission to participate in social gatherings. It hosts speed datings, dancing workshops, movie nights, etc. Premium membership is essential for finding the right date. If you do not like it, you can cancel it anytime.

A premium subscription plan for the Christian Connection platform has an average price. Below, you will find all the needed details:

All Christian Connection members want to know how to protect themselves from scammers and other suspicious people who misuse the dating platform. The Christian Connection teamwork is devoted to identifying and deleting fake accounts or potential scammers. Such accounts have nothing to do on the religious-based platform. The developer encourages all registered members to be vigilant while dating online. If you make suspicious feelings towards a certain person, you should report to the admin immediately. Alternatively, you can use the “Report” button on all profiles and mailboxes.

The well-trained moderators do their best to keep all the members safe on the Christian Connection website. The moderator reviews all newly created profiles, which appear on the website. The website has an innovative software for detecting any kind of fraud activities. It is the best way to get rid of scammers. You should know that every webpage on the Christian Connection platform gets secured thanks to HTTPS connection. When you perform a subscription payment, it gets processed with a safe connection using. The standards of security are the highest. There are zero events of password breaching. Also, you should not be afraid to reveal your email details. It gets protected from hackers thanks to the efficient email log-in system.

Christian Connection helps its clients solve any kind of issues: technical, membership, payment, safety, etc. There is a special section called “Helpdesk” where you will find plenty of articles on how to efficiently handle your dating account. Alternatively, you can get in contact with the Helpdesk at

Popular User Questions:

If you start using Christian Connection, you have many questions and confusion. It takes time to understand and test all the features. If you want to contact the customer support, you can use the official email. However, you should read the FAQ section and try to solve the issue yourself.

The first thing your potential match will pay attention to in your dating profile is your image. It has to be done correctly. You should know that more than 80% of users never contact a person without a single profile image? Your photo content will have to undergo a verification process. To be sure to pass it, you have to choose images that show who you really are. You must avoid adding photos that display children, other people, bad quality selfies in the mirror, or your passport photo.

Every member of the Christian Connection website has the right to delete his or her dating account. You do not even have to contact the Customer Support team to do this simple task. You must log in to the account using your unique username/password. Now, you have to go to the “Profile and Settings” section and choose the “Close Your Account” option. It is essential to mention that when you permanently delete your dating account, and there is still a remaining duration for your paid subscription plan, you will lose it because there is no refund on the site. There is an option to hide the profile if you do not want to waste your money/time.

Whenever a new potential match likes your profile on the Christian Connection site, you get a notification or email. If you like someone by mistake and you do not want this person to see your activity, you have to press the heart-shaped icon two times immediately to unlike it. The “Likes” feature can easily get disabled if you do not want to receive such notifications.

Sometimes, you receive a private message from a person you are not interested in. The website offers you a “No Thanks” button, which generates a polite message to decline any further interaction. However, if a person still insists, you can block him/her using the “Block” button on every profile. When you become a victim of inappropriate behavior, you should use the “Report” button. If a member got blocked several times, his/her account could get suspended by the admin. The website does not encourage you to block users excessively.

You can cancel your Christian Connection subscription plan without even getting in contact with the Customer Support Team.

All the members who have purchased their subscription plans via the official Christian Connection site should go to “Profile and Settings”> “Subscription”> “Cancel Recurring Subscription” option.

Those who purchased their premium membership via Apple App Store Payments have to cancel it there. Note that there is no need to contact a bank to stop auto-renewal payments. Your bank can even charge you a so-called “chargeback.”


The majority of Christians are friendly, honest, and conscientious people. When it comes to relationships and friendships, they take it seriously. They are not interested in hanging around or meeting new people for casual talk or hookups. The members of Christian Connection want to find a life partner with the same level of faith and values. You will find this type of person on this popular dating platform without problems. This website has already produced plenty of unique love stories. You should benefit from this advanced matchmaking service to find your perfect match. You risk nothing by testing the free trial version. If you are satisfied with the target audience and the quality of search results, you can start thinking about upgrading your membership, yet it is not mandatory. Even standard users can find a lot of new contacts, which will boost your spiritual path. Try Christian Connection, which is a new level of meaningful dating services.

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