CheekyLovers Review 2020

Are you tired of looking for your significant other and thinking that you will never find anyone who will be ready to build a long-term relationship with you? Then you should try seeking your partner online, and CheekyLovers will become the most suitable choice in this case . This online platform is full of people looking for those who will satisfy their desires or are ready to start a private conversation. Since this site has a modern interface, you do not have to get any experience to begin your exciting journey and communicate with strangers from all parts of the world.

With CheekyLovers, you access lots of features for interaction, and some functions are available for free. Moreover, this site can be translated into other languages, and you will meet your fate regardless of your location. Anyway, is this website the best alternative in the niche? To understand whether it’s worth your time, continue reading this humble review.

Reputation and History of CheekyLovers

The first thing you notice when you enter this website is a beautiful female’s photo and a couple of buttons, meaning that this site has a minimalist interface. This fact makes it more useful. However, does it affect reputation? It is better to learn more about the history of this online platform before creating an account.

The owner of this online service is Together Networks Limited. This developer is popular for launching different sites for communication worldwide, and it claims that CheekyLovers is one of its main products. Such a proclamation is justified because several million people have already joined this community. What is more, the number of daily users is increasing each day. Therefore, you will never be alone while exploring this online service, even if you are from a small area.

Such a vast user base is achieved because this site is suitable for different purposes. You can register to meet your true love. Moreover, CheekyLovers allows members to find their one-night stands, and some users create their profiles to connect with new online friends.

This multifunctional service appeals to all generations. With this site, you will meet lots of young adults below 35. However, there are also many individuals over 55. The only age restriction this online platform has is that it does not allow people who have not reached the age of majority become members of this international community. They have such a rule to protect teenagers from fake profiles and scammers. Even though moderators try to block such accounts immediately, sometimes they appear here and try sharing some explicit materials with other users. So, since a younger audience cannot reach this service, their mental health is under control.

One more advantage of the multifunctional site is that it is popular among men and women. That is why your gender does not matter, and you will meet your potential partners regardless of this criteria.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

You should select this service if you are looking for a platform providing services for different goals. Since this website has a contemporary design, you do not need to have any online communication experience to understand how its main features operate. The only thing you have to do before diving into searching for your partner is to create a new account.

Although the site itself is contemporary, its owners do not provide a separate app. The only way to continue using CheekyLovers on-the go is to open it via the browser.

You have to spend less than five minutes on becoming a member of this community because the founders of CheekyLovers do not require providing any private details for registration. To make this process straightforward, follow this instruction.

First, enter the main page of this site.You will see the “Create Profile” button. Click on it to move to the registration form.Next, you have to fill out the gaps in the application to become a member. This site requires only general info. Such data includes:

We need to mention some essential aspects. First, this site is friendly to the LGBT community, and it is possible to select your gender. Secondly, you must provide a valid email address. Otherwise, it will be impossible to create your profile because you need to verify the data you add to access the features. Moreover, we do not recommend using an easy password. Such a decision can make it easier for scammers to break your page open, and some suspicious individuals will steal your information.

What is more, you do not have to add your city manually if you have provided access to your location. In this case, the site will enter this data automatically.

Before clicking on the “Start Now!” button under the form, you have to confirm that you agree with the legal materials provided by this company. These documents consist of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is better to read these papers beforehand because they let you know what rules you must follow to feel safe and how administrators can exploit the information you provide. We recommend avoiding using this online service if you disagree with some of these requirements.

You will receive a verification letter to your email address after submitting your form. In this email, you will see the link. To verify your account, you have to click on it. You will access your page if everything is done correctly.

It is better to personalize your profile before searching for other members ready to talk to you. In this case, CheekyLovers offers users to upload their photos. We recommend adding pictures where you look appealing. Moreover, it is possible to write a description. It is better to make this text unique. By doing this, you will make more people interested in your account. Nevertheless, you should avoid providing any private details in this description because it will make your account more appealing to scammers, whose purpose is to find out more about you and start blackmailing to make money.

You can enter your profile whenever you need it. To access it, use your email address and password.

It is impossible to imagine a person who wants to communicate with fake accounts instead of real people. The owners of CheekyLovers understand that. That is why they do their best to protect members from scammers and suspicious pages. The first thing they do to make their website safe is that they require everyone who wants to use it to verify the data. In this case, all newcomers have to confirm their data via email addresses.

Although moderators check each profile carefully, it is challenging to delete all the scammers. That is why it is better to use common sense while interacting with other members of this international community. To feel secure, follow these simple tips:

The most obvious thing you can do if you come across a suspicious person is to stop your interaction immediately. Nonetheless, it is better to block this member. This user will lose access to your account and will never be able to send you new messages when you have done such an action.

This website is well-known, thanks to the user-friendly interface. With CheekyLovers, you do not have to waste your time looking where a particular page is located because it has a straightforward navigation. The most beneficial way to communicate via this site is to exploit its desktop version. You will find the main categories on the menu. From the top toolbox, you can visit:

Unfortunately, this website does not have a separate application. Nonetheless, it does not mean you will not access this communication platform from your smartphone. To continue interacting with other members outdoors, open this site on your portable device. This version is adapted to all smartphones, and you access the same features for free.

You may think this site is like dozens of other random platforms in the niche. However, such an opinion is wrong because CheekyLovers is a website where you can find some unique features that you will never see accessing other dating services:

Partner Search

With this online platform, you can access lots of features for chatting. However, before using these functions, you need to meet someone who will be ready to start a conversation with you. In this case, searching will become the most beneficial option.

To look for the most suitable partner, you need to click on the “Search” button located at the top menu. On this page, you will access the list of filters you can select to meet your perfect match. Nonetheless, these characteristics depend on what membership you have. You will access general criteria if you use this service for free. However, people having premium accounts will be able to exploit advanced characteristics.

After choosing these filters, you will see the feed with people who meet your criteria. You need to click on their profile photos to visit their page. You can start your conversation with an appealing member immediately if this person is online. However, it is possible to add this user to your favorites if he or she is not on the site. So, you will not lose this page and see when this individual is using CheekyLovers.

As mentioned above, filters you can exploit for searching depend on your membership. If you use this online platform for free, you can select basic criteria, such as:

With these filters, it can take much time to find your true love. If you want to narrow down the search, you should purchase a premium version. This membership lets users select some advanced criteria, including:

You will start your interaction when a particular member answers your first message. In this case, you can send and receive text messages. Nonetheless, it is possible to make your conversation more intimate. To achieve the inmost atmosphere, share your pictures and videos with your significant other.

Private conversations are engaging. However, , you can join a group chat as well. Talking to several people at once will help you understand how a particular person interacts while being in a company. Sometimes such conversations allow you to find out even more about other members than in private conversations.

CheekyLovers Alternatives

CheekyLovers is one of the best sites in the niche. Nonetheless, what should you choose if you want to try something different? Here are its main alternatives:

Even though these dating websites are user-friendly, they lag behind the CheekyLovers service. Their main disadvantage is that they provide most features for a higher price. What is more, these websites do not let users with female accounts interact for free without any limitations. So, it is better not to select them, especially if you are a woman.

Membership Price and Payment Method

You do not have to pay for anything if you want to create a new account. Moreover, with this site, you get access to some basic features. However, some functions are available for premium members only. To upgrade your account, you can use your credit card or PayPal account.

When you become a free member of this community, you can:

Furthermore, you can interact with others if you have a female account.

After purchasing a premium version of CheekyLovers, you can:

The price you have to pay for your dating on this website depends on how long you are going to stay here:

As you see, getting a version for half a year is better if you want to save your money.

Is CheekyLovers Really Safe?

You do not have to worry about your safety if you communicate with other users of CheekyLovers because its owners protect this platform by using different methods.

To create a new account, you do not need to provide any private information to this site. Moreover, you will never access it if you do not exploit a valid email address for registration.

Do not be afraid to provide your credit card information while buying your membership. This service does not collect it, and third parties will never access this data.

You can contact customer support if you have any issues with this site. To access this group of professional software engineers, you can message them on their email address You will receive your solution in fewer than 48 hours.

Popular User Questions:

To upload new photos, you do not need to verify them. They will appear immediately on your account. However, some users can complain if you add images containing explicit materials or links. In this case, moderators will delete your photos.

To deactivate your profile, go to the settings and select this option from the list.

This feature is not available if you use a free version of CheekyLovers. To see people who like your profile, you need to pay for your membership.

To block one of the users, visit his or her account page and select such an option near the profile photo. This person will never see your account, and it will be impossible to send you messages.

You have to go to the settings to turn off auto-renewal.


To wrap it all up, CheekyLovers is a magnificent option for singles looking for their significant others or one-night stands. Furthermore, it is possible to meet your online friend here. With this site, you access a lot of free features, and women do not have to pay to send and receive messages. To access CheekyLovers via your smartphone, you do not have to download the app. Simply open this website on your phone and enjoy your conversation on-the-go.

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