BronyMate Review 2020

In the modern world, life tempo is very fast, and the daily schedule is quite intense. Sometimes it can be challenging to find time for personal life. It’s even harder to find time to meet with someone. Additionally, not all people like to spend time actively or go to restaurants and bars. The question appears: where can I find a match? Here dating sites and social networks can be very helpful. Today there are a lot of them. Everyone can find something for themselves. Some are designed for a vast audience; some distinguish users by nationality; some gather on their platform like-minded people. One of these websites is BronyMate.

The BronyMate website is unique in that all its users are My Little Pony fans. Do you like this cartoon? Then sign up to the site and chat with fans like you. It’s a great place to make friends. It’s a place where people with a similar taste, a similar view of the world, and interests come together. You surely will not be bored, and there are always topics for interesting hearty talk. Or perhaps you will even meet your love!

Reputation And History Of BronyMate

The BronyMate dating platform was created in 2013. It is one of a kind, as it is designed exclusively for My Little Pony fans. Since then, several thousand users have registered on the site. It is, of course, very small for dating sites, but it is enough for such a narrow interest area. The site is popular in a small group of people. Nevertheless, you can find information about it in social networks, as well as feedback on various forums.

We hope that your experience will be positive. In turn, we have tried to collect in this review as much useful information as possible.

Website, App, Interface, Registration

The site has a rather simple, at the same time, cute design. Its style is the same as a TV show has. Going to the site, you get to light grey pages with rainbows and ponies. And the inscription at the top of the page promises you that here you will find a magical relationship.

The site looks naive and even a little old-fashioned. But at the same time, it is very easy to navigate. The interface is straightforward and intuitive. If you have not registered, you cannot evaluate the functionality of the site. Here is only the offer of registration. But by design and inscriptions, you can understand that the site is thematic, decide whether you need it, or look for another service.

The registration process is straightforward and fast. You can join the BronyMate website absolutely free. When creating a profile, you will need to provide the following information:

You will receive an email to the specified email address with a link to confirm your registration. Once confirmed, you can enter all the necessary information into your profile. Do it creatively, tell people about yourself, and write as much information as possible. You can tell about your appearance, hobbies, life views, and of course, your favorite pony. It will make your profile more interesting. People will come to you more often, which will help to find someone more quickly.

The BronyMate platform is designed for like-minded people. But at the same time, there are a lot of users. Thousands of active, interested visitors from the USA, UK, Canada, and Germany come to the site every day. But not only people from these countries visit the site. Here you can meet fans of your favorite cartoon from all over the world. Both men and women use the platform. There are no restrictions on the site by age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, nationality. Although the average age of users is 18-30, you can meet here and someone older. All registered BronyMate users are email verified. But if you do notice any suspicious behavior, we recommend that you contact the administrator.

Unfortunately, there is no BronyMate mobile app yet. Alternatively, you can use an adapted version of the site on your mobile phone.

The main feature of BronyMate is the My Little Pony fan community. Here you can meet other fans of this character, discuss topics of interest, and make friends. In this sense, the site is similar in structure to a social network.

Partner Search

You can use the BronyMate website as a community or social network and just chat with friends. But first of all, it is a dating site. It means you can meet and invite someone for a date and have a nice time and flirt. We will tell you how to find the right people here, and what opportunities the BronyMate platform offers you.

As at all dating sites, using this platform starts with registration. Here you enter all the information about yourself that you want to publish. After that, you have the option of writing something about yourself and adding photos. The information in your profile will help you find someone you are interested in and will also attract someone interested in you to your page.

In members’ profiles, you’ll find information about their age, appearance, country and nationality, preferences, etc. Unfortunately, you don’t have to choose a profile photo here, so you can meet profiles without a single photo. To meet these people or not is your personal choice. But if a person is really interested in getting to know them, they are unlikely to leave their profile blank. Take this into account, and don’t waste time.

The BronyMate website has several basic filters for searching:

These filters are available even for free users. Advanced search criteria for paid accounts allow you to determine whom you need without wasting time more accurately.

If your goal is to meet in real life, use the search by location. This will show you people who are not far from you.

People come to the BronyMate website to communicate with each other to expand their circle of acquaintances. This platform provides this opportunity. People can exchange ideas, send each other photos, discuss the latest events in their lives, and flirt. Here you can find people and send them friends invitations.

For regular communication, the site offers messages. There are different ways to receive and send messages, depending on your choice of account type – paid or free. The maximum message size is 2000 characters. Here you can specify the subject of the message (like for an email) and add emoji.

Another interesting way to show your attention to the web site is to send a wink. This option is very popular among site users. Besides standard winking, you can also send such attention signs to

Start the dialogs with a wink; it will help to set the conversation in a positive way. Exchange messages, add people you like to your friends. In general, enjoy chatting at!

BronyMate Alternatives

First of all, note that BronyMate is not an ordinary dating site. It is more of a community of interest. So you can compare it with sites that have a similar goal – to find like-minded people. Of course, for fans of ponies will not be a particularly interesting platform dedicated to another topic, but you can remember some specific dating sites:

Membership Price And Payment Method

You can use the BronyMate service for free, or pay for a subscription. A minimal number of features are available for free users. For full communication, it is recommended to use the paid version.

For payment, you can use a credit card or PayPal. Prices are quite high here. But it is much more profitable to get a long subscription. The longer time you pay, the cheaper it costs you every month.

Users who have not yet decided to use a paid subscription can use such features of the site:

What can a paid profile user get? Here is a list of paid services:

If you would like to get a more exciting experience from our dating site, we recommend that you pay a subscription fee. You can choose between two packages: Silver and Gold. We wrote about what features paid users can use in the previous paragraph. They are available for both Silver and Gold users. However, those who have a free profile can reply to golden users’ messages.

And now, let us tell you more about the tariff plans.

Unfortunately, there can be disappointing things too. Security issues are always acute when using any dating site. Of course, it’s hard to imagine that a site with colored ponies on the main page can pose any threat to you. But still, to avoid unpleasant situations, we recommend you to follow simple rules of conduct on dating site.

During registration, each user must confirm his email address. Of course, this is not enough to protect against fake profiles. To learn about the technical side of user protection on the BronyMate website, we recommend visiting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page. It describes in sufficient detail the terms and conditions of use of the site, the guarantees the site provides to its customers, as well as the customers’ responsibilities. Please read the section on privacy and personal data protection carefully. Also, note that the site owners cannot control the information you transmit in your communications. Therefore, the responsibility for transferring such data lies with you.

If you have any questions, you can go to the frequently asked questions tab on the website. The list of questions is quite extensive. All questions are divided into topics. However, sometimes you may still need a more personalized approach. Go to the Contact Us tab and fill out the contact form. There you can select a topic from a drop-down list, and in a large window, describe the problem in detail. As a rule, the site administrators will reply to such requests within 30 hours. If you do not receive an answer – check the Spam folder. Also, double-check the email address you specified when sending the request. If it is with errors, the answer, you certainly will not receive. If you still don’t get a response, the administrators recommend that you write another email.

Popular User Questions:

When using a dating site, you may have questions. Some of them are technical; other questions may concern your safety. Check out the most popular questions from BronyMate users before using the site. This will make your experience more enjoyable.

Any photo you upload to the BronyMate website must comply with the rules of the service. Therefore, before it appears in your profile, it is reviewed by a moderator. It takes between 12 and 24 hours. If the photo never appears in your profile, or suddenly disappears, it may violate any requirements. Either way, you can challenge the decision. To do this, write a letter to the site administrator and send me a photo that has raised doubts.

If you no longer want to use the dating site and would like to delete your profile, BronyMate offers you two options:

If you simply deactivate a profile, members will not be able to view it; it will simply be hidden. However, you can simply log in to your account at any time and restore it. This is very convenient if you change your mind.

If you strongly believe in your decision to stop using BronyMate, you can delete it permanently. In that case, if you want to return to the site again, you will need to create a new account.

Besides deleting your account, you can also simply unsubscribe from the email newsletter.

You can only see guests in your profile if you use a paid subscription. For free users, this option is not available.

Unfortunately, not all users of dating sites always behave adequately. Some may be annoying or even aggressive. If you do not want to communicate with someone, you can block this user at any time. To do this, go to their profile and click “Block this member”. The user will appear in your blocking list. If you do this by accident, you can cancel the blocking.

To cancel a paid subscription, you need to write a message to the site administrators and explain the situation. You also need to write the email address that was used in payment settings. After that, you will receive an email about canceling the subscription.


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