Blued Review – What Do We Know About It?

Blued started its operations in 2012 as a for the . Today, it is one of the leading platforms, promoting gay dating culture globally. Since its launch, Blue City Holdings Company Limited did not disappoint its intention to create the service. It has created appealing digital marketing campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, improving its popularity in the gay community. With about 40 million users across the world, it is among the most widely held social networking apps for gay men.

Unlike regular dating sites, this gay matchmaker is only available through the mobile app. It offers services worldwide in ten different languages for best market visibility. With its headquarters in Beijing, China, it is not unexpected that the digital dating service is highly prevalent in the Asian region. About 70 percent of its population comes from South Korea, Vietnam, and China. But it still has a significant portion of European and North American members with over three million users from the USA.

The social dating company makes a safer and closer environment for the gay world. Its 100 percent male user network receives more than 390 thousand global visits every month, with over 8 thousand logins per day. The majority of Blued members are young professionals ranging from 20 to 35 years old, often looking for casual friendships and relationships rather than serious connections. Its age profile explains why users are into one-off sexual arrangements. It’s easy to find friendships and flirt on the app, owing to its youthful, international network, as well as regular updates to keep this running smoothly.

How Does Blued Work?

Prospective users can join Blued app through connecting their Facebook account, by linking Twitter profiles or via signing up. Once you register, the platform allows you to connect with hot men locally. Users can travel the globe on the app by instantly meeting gay men across the world. Members can join in-app social groups, find life partners, or meet new acquaintances. You can also go live stream for a chance to earn a bonus. Going live via smartphone offers an excellent and convenient opportunity to express yourself. Blued Live will alert your followers whenever you are online so that they can connect with you.

One of the best things about the app is it lets members create anonymous profiles before engaging other members. The private photo album helps to keep things discreet by only allowing specific people to view your private pictures. There are a couple of ways to communicate with other users on this app. For instance, you can initiate private chats with online members via the messaging platform. Alternatively, its one-on-one video calls provide an excellent opportunity to know your partner better.

Furthermore, users can leave video and audio messages for their partners, making it easy to connect with like-minded gay men.

Blued is among the few apps where members can share videos, pics, and status updates on their profile while following other users. The ability to send photos, voice messages, and GIFs, along with real-time sharing of locations, makes gay dating more enjoyable on the platform. Also users here love .

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

It is relatively fast and easy to register on this app. You must first come up with a unique username and password. After that, you’ll be entering a captcha to verify that you are a real user and not a robot. The password can be between six and thirty characters long. The platform allows you to use numbers, common characters such as hyphens, and English letters to form a strong password.

You won’t be providing your cell phone number or email, like the case with similar dating applications. Once you register successfully, the app will redirect you to a new page, asking you to fill in your basic profile info, including date of birth, weight, nickname, ethnicity, and height. After that, the mobile service will ask you to upload your picture. But you can skip this process if you intend to post it later.

After completing the whole registration process, the Blued app will take you to a suggestion page with gay men you might like. It is the first connection you can make on this platform. It’s advisable to follow a few of the recommended profiles to activate your contact list before you even begin exploring other offerings from the app. While it is not compulsory, there’s an option to link your phone number and email to your profile.

What About Design And Usability?

The only way to access Blued is through a mobile app that is suitable for young members. It means users on this platform are on the go. Blued offers an uncluttered and straightforward design, primarily using white and blue brand colors. You’ll find a drop-down menu containing all the icons you need to utilize the app fully.

Members can top-up directly from the mobile application to purchase beans. You can also view the number of social wealth points you must add before getting a promotion to the next social level. Furthermore, it’s easy to log out within the app. All of Blued’s features are easy to access, right below the app’s dashboard. You will notice a speech bubble alert on the message tab, showing you the number of unread inbox messages.

It is free to register on the gay dating app. Moreover, you can join groups without paying and access free chats. You’ll want to sync your Facebook or Instagram profile with your Blued account for better connectivity. Unlike other e-dating services, this app has a different approach for matching its users.

You shouldn’t expect to find a ‘like’ feature, although members can follow users if they want to view their updates. Joining private or public live video streams is another way to connect on this platform. It’s possible to chat with your contacts via an exclusive screen if you are offering live streaming.

If an invited contact fails to join the conversation during a live stream, the invitation will still be available in their inbox. However, the user cannot replay it. It would be the same case if you were on the receiving end of an invitation to a private live stream. There’s also a nearby matching function, showing you members who are closest to your current location. But you can only use this feature by turning on your GPS. Similarly, the app lets you view popular threads and live streams with its ‘explore’ function. Overall, Blued makes it effortless to explore all its features and services, even for the new members of the app.

Let’s talk about profile quality

All of Blued’s profiles have the same basic details available in their registration process. A member’s profile picture takes up the entire screen when you check out their profile. You won’t have to scroll down as you instantly see the other details, such as when the user was last online, their age, and location. The bare profile is because the social dating platform focuses on matching members for casual dates. In the place of a detailed profile, allowing you to know the person better, looks matter the most on this app. The company leaves you to discover the person’s character and personality as you interact with him.

While you cannot view profiles without signing up, free members can browse profiles. It offers some basic privacy because the app doesn’t provide any way to mask your bio photo, allowing all users to see you. Members can also upload multiple images through the album and restrict access to certain people. Some of the dating sites have a panic button for redirecting users to a different website, which is unavailable on Blued. Instead, the app has an SSL connection for transmitting data, making it nearly impossible for anyone to intercept in-app communication or experience a security breach.

You can look up possible matches on the portal using basic search features like age, online now, gender, or photos. There’s also an advanced search function for paid members. The Geolocation feature will let you find users in your neighborhood by identifying your app’s location via GPS and displaying other members in the same area. Besides, Blued has a matching algorithm, allowing you to initiate instant chats in your suggested matches. Like most dating sites, you can block spammers and nagging members from messaging you.

In terms of connections, you’ll get to invite or join private chats and live streams in the app. The platform’s webcam chatroom is an excellent and secure place to hold first dates through face-to-face video chatting. Men can use their Blued accounts without email confirmation or profile verification, which can result in bogus profiles. While you don’t have to upload a primary image when signing up, the app lets members apply for a verified icon on their profile pics. The company has a moderator who ensures face authentication of pictures.

If you think a particular user is fake, the app encourages members to report through customer support for further investigation. It’s always a good idea to link your email or cell phone number to help recover your account.

The Mobile Application

Blued is an app-only dating platform. Members have to download the appropriate mobile application for their devices to begin using the service. It is an easy-to-use app that is available for free on iOS and Android mobile devices, after which you can take online dating with you wherever you are. The Blued dating app is not only quick and fun but also convenient to use. It lets you discover other gay members in full, opening up real opportunities for local and international friendships, dates, and long-term connections.

Some of the unique features you’ll find on the app include:

Safety & Security

Blued is serious about safeguarding the safety and security of its membership. Non-registered people don’t have access to profiles. You can also use privacy settings, restricting access to your private photos. Users have the option of blocking anyone they feel is a threat to their online safety. Moreover, the app encrypts all data using proprietary SSL connections to minimize security breaches. The app’s strict profile picture moderation and verification process also help to prevent fake profiles. While Blued has several safety and security measures in place, users should also be responsible for keeping their login details private. It’s also advisable not to post sensitive information on the platform, such as your contacts, credit card details, or address.

Pricing and Benefits

You can register as a member on Blued without paying, as it is free to download and install the dating app on your mobile device. Free users have access to a host of quality services, including streaming live videos, private live chats, sending and replying to messages, plus sending and seeing private pic albums. The app has paid features with no trial packages.

Blued offers the ‘beans’ currency, which you can use to send flying comments to a member’s private or public live video stream. Apart from posting comments, you can also purchase and send virtual gifts to the gay men you like on the platform. Note that sending and receiving gifts adds to your social wealth’s points. Every 100 beans you use for live private and public chat gifts will earn you one wealth point.

A member’s privileges increase as they level up the social wealth ladder, making them stand out from others. For example, you’ll get a unique symbol that comes in different colors per ten levels of achievement. In this way, you could have a rainbow bubble in your flying comments, attracting other members, and making your post stand out.

There are also free, flying comments every month for those who hit level twelve and beyond. How much free comments you’ll earn varies with your level. Users between level 12 and 15 will receive ten flying comments for free every month. Similarly, you will get 30 free, flying comments monthly between levels 20 and 23. The number rises to 40 for levels 24 and 25, with 50 being the highest free monthly offer for levels 26 and 30.

With the cost of one Blued Beans being $0.02, below is how the rates compare:

The credit system or Beans currency is non-recurring, meaning you do not have to worry about auto-renewals and canceling your plan. Blued accepts mobile payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay. Keep in mind that Android-topped beans won’t be valid when you switch to an iOS device.

Help & Support

Blued has a responsive customer support team to help users who find challenges using their mobile app. If you need to reach this dating platform, use the following contact details:


Yes. Blued is safe for its users. There are plenty of security measures, including creating a unique username and secure password with different characters. Its SSL data encryption system ensures that users’ messages and online info stay safe. But like any other dating site, Blued is not invulnerable to phishing and malicious intentions. Therefore, each member should observe safe online practices at all times.

Yes. Blued is a real dating platform that differs from other online matchmakers by only supporting registration and access via mobile devices. It is also one of the few dating websites functioning like a social media network, promoting gay dating across the world. It is a gay dating app run by gays for the gay community, with over 40 million users internationally.

You must download and install the Blued app on an Android or iOS mobile device to start using its services. Register for a free account with Facebook, Twitter, or by signing up. With a free account, you can join local chat groups for instant dates or follow interest-based groups. You’ll get to showcase special talents and your best moments by live stream and invite other members. If someone likes you and you like them back, head to the quick chat section for a one-on-one webcam call. It is a quick way to know if a match is a genuine connection. All the site’s features and services are free save for sending virtual gifts and posting of virtual comments.

Yes. You will get to download, install, and create your profile without paying. Also, free membership comes with streaming live videos, sending and responding to messages, private live chatting, seeing, and sending private picture albums, among others. Blued offers virtually every function you’d ordinarily pay for with other platforms for free. You also don’t pay to use its geolocation feature to find local matches. The only money you’ll spend is for purchasing virtual gifts, and uploading flying comments live video streams.

Yes. The forty million plus gay users around the world is a demonstration of the site’s effectiveness in delivering its core mandate. Besides, the fact that this company has been connecting young professional gay men since 2012 while expanding their membership is another indication of a successful app. You can check out a cross-section of unbiased online reviews and user comments to get more evidence of whether or not Blued works.


Offering its services globally, Blued is one of the leading social dating places for gay men. It is a safe app that lets you meet, socialize, and date like-minded men without being dishonest about your sexual desires. The app is free to download, register, and use. It has a pocket-friendly payment plan that does not discriminate members from using core communication services with no monthly packages. Instead, you’ll need to buy Blued Beans, the app’s transaction currency, to obtain and send virtual gifts or post flying comments.

In terms of usability, Blued is an app catering to the needs of social media-oriented gay men looking to share their experiences and adventures while influencing their followers. With its extensive membership base, it is easy to find potential dates locally, regardless of location. It is a reliable and trustworthy platform for those who want to find life partners, express themselves, join social groups, or make new acquaintances. You will build an excellent network of followers by joining this site.

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